Lowe warns: we must not take for granted that Wehrlein will be the chosen one


The main responsible of the technical area of Mercedes, Paddy Lowe, warns about the assumption that Pascal Wehrlein, the only pilot belonging to the brand which still does not have a contract with other teams, it is the choice to replace Nico Rosberg.

“is Not a foregone conclusion, we have to see who is available and do some analysis. There are different aspects, we will see the status of form prior and what we could expect in terms of performance and consistency”.

it is One thing to be fast, but you can go out and get points each week? we Just want someone who can get points in the way that Nico (Rosberg) what he has done”.

Lowe said, in statements to Autosport, that the selection process has started with the elaboration of a list of candidates, subsequently, will be analyzed. And that list will be headed by the pilots that have availability without the need of breaking their contracts.

“The first part of the process will be to figure out what the list (of candidates) offers, then we will do our analysis. I Think that we will look at which candidates are currently available”.

Paddy Lowe is not worried too much that the pilot chosen to be able to manage the pressure that will replace the current World Champion and not have to deal with Lewis Hamilton.

“I am Not concerned much because, according to my experience, the top riders tend to do better when you give them a context in which to do so. pilots to increase their intensity if they put in a better environment, but there is still a risk and we need to evaluate it. In addition to all the technical aspects and analytical, there are factors to consider, such as their harmony with the company and the values of the same and that is what we are trying to do for the team”.