LTC TX5, the new london taxi for 2017

Taxi TX5 Geely londresGeely, the parent company of Volvo, is the owner of LTC (London Taxi Company), the legendary company responsible for the construction of the peculiar london cabbie from many years ago. There are increasingly more types of taxis in London, thus losing part of their identity. LTC refuses to leave the streets of the great city, and today it has become known, a very preliminary TX5, a new future model of taxi.

it is planned that the new LTC TX5 comes to the streets of London in the year 2017, replacing gradually the LTC TX4 manufactured since 2007. The new model leaves aside the engines diesel in order to adopt a hybrid technology plug-in that will combine an electric motor with a gasoline four-cylinder. The company has not specified more data, but has assured that they will have a good electrical autonomy. Later will come versions are 100% electric.

Taxi LondresObviously the TX5 complies with all the laws that govern taxis in London, in terms of accessibility, use of interior and maneuverability. All are enabled with wheelchair ramps and can accommodate up to 6 passengers sitting from the front in the rear three-on-three. These taxis will also be used in other cities in United Kingdom that govern the market of the taxi on the basis of the “Conditions of Fitness”, which are those conditions that currently limit the market of the London Taxi the TX4 and the Mercedes Vito. Also soon will arrive new models like the Nissan NV200.

Geely will invest more than 300 million pounds in the facilities of LTC in Coventry for the manufacture of this new model, which is one of the most innovative in the history of the london cab, not only by its mechanical hybrid, but also for its aluminium structure and body panels of composite to reduce the weight. It will also be the first time to incorporate a glass roof panoramic, ideal for looking out over London from the taxi. It also has WiFi and USB ports for charging mobile devices.

With the new engines, hybrid, plug-in, London will get to improve the quality of the air, as there are many taxis that are currently circulating in this city, and in the case of the TX4 used diesel engines VM Motori 2.5-liter, four-cylinder, 101 horsepower, and may be associated with automatic or manual five relationships.

Source – Geely

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