Luca Cordero di Montezemolo answered to Marchionne

Montezemolo y Marchionnefew days Ago we’ve seen Sergio Marchionne very active in terms of statements with this departure from Ferrari at the bag, the criticism towards the attitude of Alonso, the threats to leave F1 and its particular war against the FIA and the FOM for the current rules, and a few darts to Red Bull in terms of to claim engines competitive according to Marchionne does not deserve. As it is now, your predecessor in office, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, is the one who has wanted to answer.

Sergio Marchionne also hinted that he could return Alfa Romeo to F1, indeed, already as a “sponsor” of Ferrari on your pontoon. And I put sponsor in quotes because, like FIAT, to belong to the same group. But di Montezemolo does not believe the same and don’t go so close that Alfa Romeo could return to the F1 and expects deeds, not words: “As an Italian, I hope so, but it is necessary to see if all of this information will continue to be made.”.

Montezemolo con AlonsoMontezemolo has wanted to come out in defence of Fernando Alonso, who was at Ferrari under its mandate. Sergio Marchionne spent some harsh words for the spaniard, claiming that Vettel in a single year was more ferrarista that Alonso in five. And that is both Marchionne, as Arrivabene have declared war to Fernando… but then it’s Vettel who says on the radio that Alonso must hate him a lot for not putting the rug and let it pass easily.

Although Montezemolo was also resentful with Alonso at his departure, he has now had a hand claiming that it was a real professional and that your lack of motivation within Ferrari came by the lack of results. It also makes self-criticism of the firm that he represented: “Alonso would have been more ferrarista if in 2010, Ferrari would have won a Championship that was more easy to win than to lose. And when you lose two Championships in the last race, you have to understand these things.“.