Lucas Auer wins the second race of the DTM at Lausitzring


I could Not get out Mercedes-AMG without the spoils of one of their
circuits fetish.
Lucas Auer has earned the victory in the long race of the
DTM at Lausitzring
after adding the pole and demonstrate a high pace during
all the race.
Podium for Mattias Ekström and Robert Wickens in a tight race
different for both, and in which the pilot Swedish Audi has starred in a
great comeback. Unlike his teammate, Miguel Molina has had
a difficult race after touching with Farfus and has been nineteenth.
Juncadella has had to drop out due to mechanical failure.

Lucas Auer was asserting its pole to be placed in the lead on the first curve, keeping its first position over his team-mate Robert Wickens, the canadian managed to overtake Timo Glock in the first few meters. However, the big hit was the German Mike Rockenfeller, who suffered a Drive Through after skipping the exit due to problems in the clutch of his Audi RS 5 DTM. For its part, the Spanish pilots had an output quite complicated, what was that Miguel Molina took the nineteenth plaza, while Dani Juncadella placed in a position from behind.

once after the first lap, Lucas Auer was linked to three fast laps in a row, which allowed him to open a gap over Robert Wickens. However, the attention was focused on the battles and experiences in the group, already produced multiple touches and near misses. Adriem Tambay and Maximilian Götz lost pieces of fiber of their cars after two touches with their rivals, although the accident more severe, is produced in full start / finish straight when the Miguel Molina was Augusto Farfus to be closed against the wall, finishing the BMW M4 DTM from the brazilian in the escape. Miguel Molina, got a Drive Through for the mishap.


With Lucas Auer in full flight and Robert Wickens in the land of no one, the fight before the step-by-pit focused on the fight for the third position, in which Timo Glock, Gay Paffett, Jamie Green and Mattias Ekström slid completely together, a trend that however broke that the Wickens and Glock were the first to enter the pits to complete the tire change. Its wake also it did Gary Paffett, Marco Wittmann and Maximilian Götz, while the leader of the race did walk around after.

This situation was Mattias Ekström as interim leader after overtaking Jamie Green on the track, condition that was maintained for several laps as Audi was the manufacturer that further delayed their stops. Even so, and when all the drivers completed their mandatory stop, Lucas Auer recovered its leadership ahead of Robert Wickens, while Gary Paffett was going to occupy the third position the entire time that BMW made a mistake at the stop of Timo Glock, which made it fall to the German up to sixth position, behind Jamie Green. Marco Wittmann for his part, was placed seventh after beating Christian Vietoris.

The last third of the race began with several battles, Marco Wittmann managed to overtake Timo Glock, while Jamie Green was getting to do the same with Gary Paffett in the fight for the last position of the podium. Just a turn after, and following the teaching of his companion, Mattias Ekström also ahead of Paffett. The drama will be installed in Mercedes the whole time that Maximilian Götz and Dani Juncadella had to leave simultaneously. For his part, Timo Glock lost the position with Nico Müller, demonstrating the excessive tire wear suffered.


A ‘Slow Zone’ in the absence of 10 minutes to the end, it changed the prism of the career, all while making gala of great mischief, Mattias Ekström ran on the podium after overtaking Jamie Green. With this advancement, the race was nearing its end and Lucas Auer claimed the victory in Lausitzring, oblivious to the battle that is lived behind him. In a movement teacher to lack of a little more than a minute, Mattias Ekström managed to snatch the second place to Robert Wickens, while Jamie Green was the fourth place after not being able to repeat the manoeuvre of his teammate.

Gary Paffett finished in the fifth place, overtaking Marco Wittmann and Christian Vietoris. The area of points completed for his part, Nico Müller and riders of BMW’s Bruno Spengler and Timo Glock, totally obscured in the final stretch of the race. For its part, the performance of the Spanish riders did not leave big payoffs for your interests, any time you the abandonment of Dani Juncadella has claimed the nineteenth position, Miguel Molina. The Catalan driver of Audi has not been able to lift the flight after the incident lived with Augusto Farfus.

Classification second career DTM 2016 at Lausitzring

Position Pilot Vehicle Time / Distance
1 Lucas Auer Mercedes AMG C 63 DTM 1:02:11.261
2nd Mattias Ekström Audi RS 5 DTM +3.763
3rd Robert Wickens Mercedes AMG C 63 DTM +6.386
4th Jamie Green Audi RS 5 DTM +6.770
5th Gary Paffett Mercedes AMG C 63 DTM +12.292
6th Marco Wittmann BMW M4 DTM +16.839
7th Christian Vietoris Mercedes AMG C 63 DTM +17.355
8th Nico Müller Audi RS 5 DTM +18.099
9th Bruno Spengler BMW M4 DTM +21.872
10th Timo Glock BMW M4 DTM +24.865