Lucas di Grassi comes out the champion of Formula E in Montreal


Lucas di Grassi is the new champion of the Formula E. The brazilian driver has leveraged perfectly the favorable position that he had in the second race of the ePrix of Montreal and with a sixth place has finished his first title. Sébastien Buemi, who has had a weekend to forget, not have been able to defend his crown and has only been able to celebrate the title teams of Renault and.Dams. In the particular chapter, Jean-Eric Vergne has taken victory in the last race of the season after crossing the finish line ahead of Felix Rosenqvist and José María ‘Pechito’ López. The ‘Season Three’ of the Formula E is already history.

Felix Rosenqvist was held back without problems in the first place in a rugged output after getting the final pole position of the season. Rugged because in the group rear were several touches that not only made trompear to one of the pilots Techeetah, but involving a Sébastien Buemi in need of a comeback. In fact, the swiss rider was struck by the rear, leaving his car touched. Ahead, Jean-Eric Vergne was the one that was with the coveted second position after beating Sam Bird and Nick Heidfeld. In the key of title, Lucas di Grassi was the seventh place, Buemi in the eleventh.

If the options of Sébastien Buemi to win the title were slim, her step required for the pits to remove the piece that hung from his car he would condemn him, piece by another part fell in the middle of the path just before you pass by the pitlane. Just it had been four turns, and lto balance was totally inclined towards Lucas di Grassi that he avoided problems at the time to keep his seventh position. Not even the fastest lap for Buemi intimidated a Di Grassi also had with Abt as the great squire.


despite the good intentions of the fans that awarded the FanBoost to Lucas di Grassi, Daniel Abt and Sébastien Buemi, with the title virtually decided in favor of the brazilian driver, the main focus of the career was focused in the struggle for the victory and for the podium of the last race of the season. In this aspect, Felix Rosenqvist managed to escape from the group, not of Jean-Eric Vergne, stuck to his car. For his part, Sam Bird threw itself on the offensive to overtake Nick Heidfeld, and so bring him the maneuver received in the first few laps.

Although the attempts of Sam Bird were becoming more aggressive, that yes managed to overtake was his mate ‘Pechito’ López, that the argentine stole the wallet to a Tom Dillmann who lost his fifth place. Thereupon, Sam Bird seemed to learn the lesson and once and for all, getting assault the third position on the podium after overcome with enough risk to Heidfeld. Neither short nor lazy and sticking with the recital of overtaking sponsored by the computer DS Virgin Racing, ‘Pechito’ Lopez also ahead of Nick Heidfeld to climb to fourth place.

Just when it was the ecuador of the race the first riders choose to pass by the pits, same time that Sébastien Buemi came to the tail of the group, ahead of Adam Carroll and António Félix Da Costa. Felix Rosenqvist and Sam Bird were the first riders of the leading group in change of single-seater, although in the turn number 20 as did the rest of the participants. Throughout the process, Rosenqvist managed to retain his lead ahead of Vergne and the two pilots of DS Virgin, while Lucas di Grassi got in some trouble after a change of single-seater very conservative.


In fact, Lucas di Grassi went out to the track behind Daniel Abt, doing work of the team let him go for the brazilian took the ninth position. Behind, Sebastien Buemi returned to overtake Da Costa to be the seventeenth. Lucas di Grassi answered after reaching the eighth square to the beat D’ambrosio. Abt followed their steps in the latest attempt to give Audi the ABT the lead in the team classification, title, on the contrary of the drivers title, if he was in the bosom of the Renault team and.Dams. Ahead and unexpectedly, Jean-Eric Vergne took the lead after overtaking Rosenqvist.

The escalation of the Audi drivers had to Di Grassi to the sixth position and Abt in the seventh place, although the interesting duel is the one that protagonizaban in the final straight, the two drivers of DS Virgin. ‘Pechito’ López managed to overtake Sam Bird in the struggle of both for the last position of the podium. The argentinian driver is launched even to give chase to Rosenqvist, something that I was getting two laps from the end. All in all, advance to the pilot of Mahindra was another story and the positions remained unchanged.

The checkered flag and gave the victory to Jean-Eric Vergne. The other two positions of the podium were for Felix Rosenqvist and ‘Pechito’ López, while Sam Bird had to settle with the fourth position, with Heidfeld in fifth place. Thanks to his sixth place Lucas di Grassi said his first title in Formula E, while Daniel Abt, Stéphane Sarrazin, Jerome D’ambrosio and Tom Dillmann completed the top 10 in Montreal. Despite not being able to defend his title, Buemi crystallized in a way, the title teams of Renault and.Dams.

Classification ePrix Montreal Formula E 2016-17 (II)

Pos. Pilot Car Time
1 Jean-Eric Vergne Techeetah Renault Z. E 16 37 turns
2nd Felix Rosenqvist Mahindra Racing Mahindra M3Electro +0.896
3rd José María López DS Virgin DS Virgin DSV-02 +4.468
4th Sam Bird DS Virgin DS Virgin DSV-02 +7.114
5th Nick Heidfeld Mahindra Racing Mahindra M3Electro +21.933
6th Daniel Abt ABT Schaeffler Audi ABT Schaeffler FE02 +24.444
7th Lucas di Grassi ABT Schaeffler Audi ABT Schaeffler FE02 +24.855
8th Stéphane Sarrazin Techeetah Renault Z. E 16 +26.038
9th Jerome D’ambrosio Faraday Future Penske 701-EV +28.282
10th Tom Dillmann Venturi Venturi VM200-FAITH-02 +28.591