Lucid Air: a new saloon electric with 643 miles of autonomy

Lucid Air. So is
the name with which he has been baptized
first model created by Lucid Motors
. A the vehicle 100% electric that will hit the market in little more than a year
to rival, among others, with the Tesla Model S. With a design that does not pass
unnoticed, is shown to us with an image of elegant, profiled and
with a touch of futuristic, although without getting to extreme.

Lucid Air

The first model of Lucid Motors is called Air, and it is a sedan 100% electric.

If we put the spotlight on the front of the new Lucid Air, we see details as interesting as LED headlights that, according to Lucid Motors, presentan an improvement of the energy efficiency of up to 50% with respect to the LED lighting current. In addition, the very thin, occupying very little space. The two lighthouses are connected by a thin strip of LEDs. You can also see the brand logo backlit or two small spins LED located in each of the air inlet side is in the front.

Lucid Air, new rival for the Tesla Model S

in Response to the lagging behind, it is evident that it has used the same LED lighting system that is in the front. The tail lights can be summed up in a thin continuous line that runs throughout the rear area. For its part, elements such as the subtle spoiler adds a touch of sportiness to the set. The moon rear surround is one of the signals of identity of the Lucid Air.

it Is clear that, in its design, Lucid Motors has taken as a starting point of other luxury saloon car that we can find on the market today. The Mercedes S Class and the BMW 7-Series are two of them. It is more, not long ago the mark compared a prototype of Lucid Air with these two models.

Lucid Air - interior

The four-passenger interior features a technological environment and luxurious.

Leaving to one side your exterior design and taking a look at the images of the passenger compartment, we see that the new Lucid Air will have a high quality interior for four passengers (2+2) travel with total comfort. A space that combines a sober atmosphere, elegant and luxurious, with large brush strokes of technology. She even gives an air more reminiscent of those vehicles to be “led”.

The large areas of glass both on the sides as on the roof help to increase the feeling of space in the interior, which, together with the possibility to enjoy of a system of information and entertainment later, as well as using a couple of collapsible shelves, will make the Lucid Air is the perfect vehicle to be used as a mobile office. But, if we focus the gaze in the driver’s seat and the center console, we find some elements that are familiar to us.

it Is undeniable that on some issues, the new saloon of Lucid Motors is influenced by the Tesla Model S. In particular, we have a central console that dispenses with almost any kind of physical button for, in your place, having a touch screen of large dimensions that is retractable (hidden to not be visible when parked). And how could it be less, the instrument cluster is fully digital. It will show much more information in addition to the speed, range and consumption in real-time.

Lucid Air - posterior

this is the behind of Lucid Air.

Other interesting details of the interior design are the integration of the speakers in the doors, the shapes of the air vents or the shape of the seats and their headrests. The final note put the inserts and details in wood as well as the upholstery of the seats, central console and dashboard. They convey a great feeling of quality.

And what is there of your (mechanical? The energy will be supplied in series by a batteries pack of 100 kWh, although optionally we can choose a version that elevates this figure to 130 kWh. Without going into further detail, Lucid Motors points out that the system will give you a a power exceeding 1,000 HP, which will allow the Lucid Air to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just over 2.5 seconds.

autonomy, as well we were announcing in the last few weeks, far beyond the barrier of 600 kilometers. With a single charge, can travel around 643 miles. The batteries have been installed in the floor of the vehicle to provide the best deal possible weight.

Lucid Air - frontal

The look of the Lucid Air is very unconventional. Debuts a system of LED lighting, ultra-slim.

Be prepared for driving autonomous. Although with nuances. Lucid Motors has revealed that from the factory, the Lucid Air will be endowed with all the necessary elements (radars, cameras, and other elements) in order to provide the necessary basis to make this a vehicle to drive autonomous. Therefore, we assume that the company only needs to “software”. In any case it will have a large amount of driving aids.

The new Lucid Air will not reach the market until the year 2018. It will be produced in a new factory that Lucid Motors built in the State of Arizona (USA), more specifically in the town of Casa Grande. At the moment there are not many details on the price it will have, although the company stresses that will market a version of access available from 65,000 – $ (62.000€). Versions more equipped than the 100.000€.