Lucid Air: first test by the streets of San Francisco

The electric car is enjoying in recent times a whole revolution both technological and business, with new companies who want to enter the field of four-wheel-harnessing the future of this system of propulsion, one of them is Lucid which continues developing and testing its flagship the Lucid Air.

With the aim of stand up to the almighty Tesla Model S (and the hatchback premium with a combustion engine), Lucid presented the past month of December luxury sedan and the first model of the range of the firm that promises to achieve the 1.000 BHP of power and 643 kilometers for a final price that you will depart in 65,000 usd.

Now, the time comes when they start to to test the first units of the new electric sedan without camouflage of any kind, for which reason the Lucid Air has gone out to the street and has been recorded on video touring the sites of San Gregorio and the center of San Francisco.


anyway, it would not be surprising that this “test” is closer to being a marketing action by the signature of real-world testing of the model in question.

And it is that, in spite of everything, the startup american is still in the phase of construction of its factory in Arizona, where it is expected that do not begin to exit vehicles – chain assembly until the year 2018 and until then, and already knowing the most important details of the model are almost in the obligation to create expectation until then.