Lucid Motors confirms the filing date of your saloon electrical

Lucid Motors - Fecha de PresentaciĆ³n

Lucid Motors will unveil its first production model on December 14, 2016. It will be a saloon electric.

Although, during the last Car show in Los Angeles in 2016 we already had the chance to take a look at who will be the first electric vehicle Lucid Motors. Yes, he was camouflaged and fully decked out with a wrap that little left to see their details and most characteristic traits. Well, in just two days the young “startup” with headquarters in the united States and backed by capital chinese (is behind LeEco), will be unveiled to the world its first model.

Mark your calendar December 14, 2016 as is the date chosen by Lucid Motors to present in society your vehicle 100% electric. A model that still we do not know its name in an official way, but when the company called Atieva Motors it was known as Atvus. It remains to be seen if they will use this name, or rather, it will be “renamed”.

Now, taking into account that the date of presentation of the first electric car of Lucid Motors, what is it that we know about this model? Then we are going to go by reviewing and putting in order all the details and data that we know about this model that is called to be a rival to the Tesla Model S. Did you get it? The task is not easy, but a priori it seems that will have all the ingredients to be a very interesting alternative.

Lucid Motors

So is the saloon Lucid Motors. Yes, wherever you go.

Lucid Motors, a company founded by former employees of Tesla

As we have said above, until recently, Lucid Motors was known as Atieva Motors. The company was founded in 2007 by former employees of Tesla Motors and Oracle. Between the heads of the same we find Paul Rawlinson, who was the chief engineer that worked on projects as important as the Tesla Model S.

During these last few years have been added to the important business personalities from the world of motor brands as important as BMW. It is for this reason that it has created a working group with a high profile in all the fields. After Tesla, we are faced with one of the startups with a more solid base to reach fruition and achieve their goals.

Lucid Motors

Comparison of the size of the sedan Lucid Motors with the Mercedes S-Class and the BMW Series 7.

The mechanical and autonomy of the sedan Lucid Motors

The company has been developing since a long time ago a powerful system composed by two electric motors capable of throwing a power of approximately 1,000 HP. Although we doubt that this figure is moving to the production vehicle, it is clear that the saloon Lucid Motors will be able to make face to the Tesla Model S P100D and its ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds.

Both electric motors will be connected to a package of batteries of 87 kWh that will give this saloon a autonomy higher than 480 kilometers. In addition, in the past have leaked some information which point to the fact that there will be in the range a version cap that will enhance the autonomy of up to 620 miles.

on the other hand, the company closed just a few days ago a partnership agreement with Samsung SDI. It will be the south Korean manufacturer the task of providing Lucid Motors the lithium ion batteries that will be used in its first production vehicle.

Lucid Motors

do Not hit the market until the year 2018.

there will be No driving autonomous

Is something official that has been confirmed by the company itself. The first vehicle to be developed by Lucid Motors will not have a conduction system of autonomous. Yes, you will be endowed with a large number of systems driving assistance. We will be in the line of the new sedans that have been presented in the past few months as the new BMW 5 Series, 2017.

Date of Release and Production

While his first debut in society will be at CES 2017 the next month of January, there is still enough to see the first power of Lucid Motors for the u.s. roads. The company has said on more than one occasion that will come in the year 2018, although for the moment has not specified a date more specific. Perhaps we are out of a doubt, the next day, December 14,.

Lucid Motors

A closer look at the first vehicle developed by Lucid Motors.

In terms of its production, recently, we learned that Lucid Motors has chosen Arizona as the US state in which they will build their first factory. More specifically, the site of this factory will be in the town of Casa Grande. Once you start the production of this limousine, they expect to produce 20,000 units in its first year. Brian Barron, an ex-employee of BMW, is overseeing the production plan, and the construction of the factory of the company.