Lucid Motors the new brand name of electrical Atieva

Atieva AtvusThe other day I talked about Atieva and the plans I had to face up to Tesla Motors with an electric car to the height of yours. This new manufacturer of electric vehicles comes from Silicon Valley and raises the industry more questions than answers. We know that the company has two centers developments located in San Francisco (USA). In addition, the brand is looking for a suitable place to locate your center is productive and should have a productive capacity-initial installed of around 20,000 units per year expandable to 130,000 if things are going well.

Everything else are questions without answers because while they have their headquarters in the US and Peter Rawlinson, former Tesla, is the chief technology officer of Atieva we do not know where it comes from the capital that supports it as well as the organizational structure of the same. In addition, now no longer called Atieva, but Lucid Motors, which makes the situation of the company becomes ever more dark, if it can be called.

By the name of Lucid Motors the signature put on the street their electric vehicles and will make the competition to Tesla Motors. Lucid Motors has replaced the domain of Atieva on the website of the company and of the old name since there is nothing left. Now the website of the company is renewed and displays new content on their future models, however, there is no technical data anywhere.

In it we see the video that we have left a couple of paragraphs above. In him, as in other photos there including, we can observe some of the main technological features that will take their models. However, without data in hand it is very difficult to back those images so that when we have more information I will bring it forward to know that are faced by the people of Tesla Motors.

Source – Lucid Motors