Lucid Motors we anticipate your vehicle electrical prior to start-long


The first model of Lucid Motors is ready for its debut at the Auto show in Los Angeles 2016.

Lucid Motors, “startup” formerly known as Atieva, is developing a platform of electric vehicles under the auspices of the Chief Engineer of the group that developed the Tesla Model S. During the last few weeks, the company “re-baptized” has been published several teaser and advances will be your first model. A saloon electric that is currently known with the name of Atvus.

however, and taking into account the change of name of the company, is not ruled out that also will do the same with your first model. But for now, we will be referring to it as Lucid Atvus. As we say, after these teaser that we revealed some parts of your design (dashboard, moon or back seats), the time has come to take a first look at the entire vehicle. Yes, camouflaged.

In the first image, which allows us to catch a glimpse of the saloon Lucid Motors in all its glory, the company allows us to compare its size with the Mercedes S-Class and the BMW 7-Series. It is more Lucid Motors are fixed on them as rivals, despite the fact that at the mechanistic level will not have any kind of relationship. It is clear that the main objective that has marked the new manufacturer of electric vehicles is to be able to scratch some sales from the Model S of Tesla.


Lucid Motors, formerly known as Atieva, showing its first model with camouflage to hide their details.

Prepared for its global debut as a prototype of pre-production on the upcoming Auto show in Los Angeles in 2016, the new Atvus will have a mechanical composed by two electric motors (each one of them will act on a particular axis) to yield a power of approximately 1,000 HP and a battery pack that, when we look at the technology anticipated by the brand by Lucid Edna, will have a capacity of 87 kWh. Thanks to this, their autonomy will be somewhere near 500 miles.

And although you will not have driving systems autonomous, Lucid Motors already anticipated at the time that its first vehicle to be equipped with a large number of driving aids. The brand also emphasizes that it will offer a cabin spacious as well as a boot with a generous load capacity.

With its headquarters in the united States, Lucid Motors is backed by capital chinese (including investments of LeEco). Are currently looking for the ideal site for their factory which they are expected to be able to get to annually produce 130,000 vehicles electrical. The Lucid Atvus production will hit the market sometime in the year 2018.

Lucid Atvus - compartiva de tamaƱo con el Mercedes Clase S y el BMW Serie 7

the size of The first model of Lucid Motors compared to the Mercedes S Class and the BMW 7-Series.

There are few companies that have been founded in recent years with the aim of being able to cope with the almighty Tesla Motors. On one hand we have Faraday Future that, although it seems that is going through a serious economic problem that has even led the company to halt construction of its factory in Nevada (USA). And if that weren’t enough, several high-ranking officials of the company are abandoning their jobs.

Unfortunately, the situation that is going through Faraday Future could lead to the fret your project rival to the Tesla Model X, a model that should be presented at CES 2017 early next year. It is for this reason that, currently, and if I had to choose which one is the “startup” best placed to establish a viable project with which to be able to cope in his time, Tesla would choose without a doubt Lucid Motors.