Lucky Invoice: Portugal luxury car raffle to combat the black economy

Since childhood I was taught that effort, work, and honesty, were essential to being a good person. Understanding a person’s advantage as that to which he has been doing well in life, enough to afford premium or even a luxury car in the garage. An idea that perhaps fits the philosophy of karma, or even my Christian education, Catholic school. The sad thing is look around, watch any news, read any newspaper, and check that the economic prosperity of many was based on fraud and corruption. Perhaps it was this almost paternalistic view, and even religious and philosophical, which has led Portugal to take a less surprising initiative. The Portuguese will win a luxury car for pay or deliver services with legal bills.

Issue and withstand legal bills in Portugal will as a “reward” the sweepstakes entry luxury car.

Portugal has tried by all means to end one of the great evils, which also got rid in Spain, the underground economy. The initiative Fatura da Sorte Invoice Lucky – passes reward those that are legal in their business transactions. Each invoice lawfully issued, with the corresponding tax number, contribute to the sweepstakes entry. They not only come into play and business professionals, but any citizen on invoices issued on everyday purchases, repairs, or even common bills, such as water and electricity.


The budget is 10 million euros and have at least one weekly drawing. Unless the Governo de Portugal purchase luxury cars at a very advantageous price, the accounts do not leave us.

The idea is the less interesting, though not only reward the legality of transactions, but also the volume of transactions, ie consumption. But at least it seems a much better solution than others that have been proposed, also in Spain, to combat fraud, including anonymous complaints from citizens. The bill Portuguese Luck encourage consumers to ask for invoices trying to end a widespread practice, especially in the service sector, carrying out payments absolute opacity for public administration.

The Portuguese administration has also designed a system of units no reward the number of invoices issued, but the total amount associated with each tax identification number allocating a share to 10 euros, regardless of you are the seller or buyer, service provider or client. This way intended to prevent the bill Luck is counterproductive, and encourage their citizens to artificially split bills to increase your odds of winning a luxury car (Governo de Portugal).

not yet specified which car will be drawn, but it weekly drawings will be held as well as eight special giveaways at Christmas and other special dates. The annual budget for this purpose would be 10 million euros (The Confidential), which certainly does not leave us the bills, since it would have funds to overcome a well-equipped car, but not fancy. Perhaps the Government of Portugal take the advertising slogan of the initiative, or acquisition of awards per volume, for a better price.

Source: The Confidential | Governo de Portugal
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