Luis Garcia Abad: “Alonso is still terrific”


Photo: McLaren

The season 2015 is that it will be recalled over the years due to the fiasco that was the return of Honda to the Formula 1 of the hand of McLaren. However, with the negative memories so recent, the best thing you can do to the protagonists to move forward is to forget it as soon as possible. From Woking have always looked at the positive side, and the year of suffering for Button and Alonso served to discover the huge amount of problems that had the new project and try to find solutions. 2016 is a new opportunity, and so the face of the protagonists. In addition, the expectations of those involved is that it does not recur, and that the british team with the key. In those lines he spoke Luis Garcia Abad, the manager of Fernando Alonso, at the International Fair of Tourism (FITUR).

In words gathered by the agency Europa Press, Abbot showed confidence that the historic team focus all their efforts on getting the best that you have. In addition, it ensures that Alonso has not forgotten to fly, and that therefore we are before a positive season, although it is still early to predict: “Until you do not see the car on the 21st of February we can not say anything. I guess that this season will be better. The pilot continues to be terrific and McLaren will do everything possible for the car to be competitive”. The manager was in the FAIR in representation of the Asturias as a sports tourism for the year that just brand. One of the assets of this community is the museum Fernando Alonso of Oviedo, which has, as added Abbot with “the best go-kart circuit in the world”, track 1’4 miles.

After the intervention of the director general of Unipublic (organizing agency of the tour of Spain), GarcĂ­a Abad referred to the project cyclist Fernando Alonso, who got stuck after change of team for the pilot, and by the difficulties to obtain the license. However, it is not an idea forgotten: “Is on stand by. This year is not going to do that, for sure. Do the next year? If the circumstances are given to please…depends on other factors, not one of us”, sentenced.