Luis García Abad does not want to enter in the war launched by Ferrari

Luis García Abad ante los microsSergio Marchionne, the current CEO of the group, Fiat Group has made some statements against Fernando Alonso being added to the already war launched by Ferrari against Fernando Alonso since the Spanish rider was going to come out of Maranello. The replacement of Montezemolo has hinted that Vettel is more ferrarista with only year red color dress of what Alonso managed to be in 5 years.

Montezemolo came out in defense of Alonso and answered to his successor, alleging that Ferrari was not up to it in 2010, losing a World which was more difficult to lose than to win in the last race. The Italian believes that if that year is proclaimed world champion, Fernando would be a lot more ferrarista and that that represented a heavy stick that led the spaniard to a disappointment with respect to the Italian firm.

Montezemolo y MarchionneBut, on the other hand, Fernando Alonso, has not been even any statement about it. In addition, I don’t think that entering a war is the most suitable for the image of both parties, in fact, Ferrari might have to regret these words some day. The yes has been spoken of is the representative of Alonso, Luis Garcia Abad, although not for criticising Ferrari, but it has been quite polite and correct about it, even throwing a compliment to come out of Maranello.

Abad, the manager of Alonso, has assured that “I Think that in twenty years it will be Fernando who will be remembered more than others in Maranello. Ferrari speaks, but are still in our hearts. We continue to have friends in Maranello, that know that we only want what is best for Ferrari. In this spirit of christmas, there is no controversy. So happy holidays to Ferrari.“. This concludes the Abbot, in reference to the engineers and mechanics, in addition to former heads of state to continue his friendship with Alonso…