Luis Moya suffers an accident when riding his bike

Luis Moya

Luis Moya,, which was co-driver of Carlos Sainz, has suffered a accident while riding his bike. Luis, who spent a few days in Barcelona, has not suffered damages from consideration, although it has some injuries. Apparently, a car hit his bike in the area Round of Dalt, impact that we fell of the bike hitting at the hip with the floor.

The former co-driver of Carlos Sainz in the World Rally championship is currently brand ambassador for Volkswagen. This weekend, I had participated in a few days of driving on snow as an instructor. After participating with the brand in this course, yesterday, Monday, he drove his bike by Barcelona. It was then when he suffered this accident that has been by luck in a bit of a scare.

Luis Moya

The own Luis Moya told what happened via his Twitter account: “Today is my lucky day. I threw a car on the Ronda de Dalt (Barcelona), and in principle, it seems to only sheet metal and paint”. The former co-driver of rally accompanied these letters with a picture of the injuries caused by the accident. It can be seen the hit in the hip that has caused you to magulladoras and swelling.

Despite the fact that Luis told what happened in this social network, “The Confidential” might ask you what happened, by publishing these statements: “I was Travelling on a bike and a car made a strange turn, impacting against me. I was not going very fast, about 40 km/h, but the rain ended up making the rest. After the coup, lost control, and the look of the asphalt wet, I could not control the bike, so I ended up slamming against the ground.”