Luxury and technology: Lamborghini, Tecknomonster and suitcases carbon fiber more expensive than a car

can you Imagine a bag that is more expensive than any utilitarian means? If the emblem that looks is that of a fighting bull, the Lamborghini, you probably already go by imagining a first reason why they are so expensive these suitcases. Lamborghini has partnered with the Italian manufacturer of bags of luxury TecknoMonster. And following the maxim of the “before dead than simple,” it was logical to imagine that these bags, in addition to faces, to provide a point of distinction and technology that differ with respect to the rest of the luggage that you will see around you when you walk through the corridors of an airport. What makes these bags exceed 9,000€, and sometimes reach 13,000€?

From 9.000€ you can have access to bags with an official license Lamborghini and body of carbon fiber.

The promotional video released by Lamborghini is quite illustrative. Molds, carbon fiber, huge autoclaves, machinery precise cutting, drilling, and union panels. At some point it is likely that you think that the video in question is about the process of production of the tub of a Lamborghini Aventador. Reasoning on the other hand logical, if we take into account that in the video have been merged images of the process of creation of the bags and one’s own Aventador.

Obviously, one of the points that distinguishes these bags, beyond the official license Lamborghini, is no other than to manufacture them in carbon fiber.

According to TecknoMonster, this line of bags using the same materials used by Lamborghini in their sports, since the coatings of leather and Alcantara that can upholster the panels and seats of a Hurricane and a Aventador, to the carbon fiber and aluminum.

These bags are available with adequate measures for cabin of aircraft, and in larger sizes are offered with finishes that let you see the carbon-fiber nude. The construction in carbon fibre, and the use of aluminum in moving parts as important as zippers, or wheels, ensuring its durability. In any case, you will be with me in that materials are less exotic, and sufficiently strong and durable for a suitcase, as the ABS (arilonitrilo-butadiene-styrene).

TeknoMonster and Lamborghini also market products more “accessible”. Briefcases for 5.445€, bags for the laptop by 1.543€ and up to a bag for 581€. In short, products completely out of the reach of us poor mortals.

Source: Lamborghini
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