Lynk & CO: the difficulty of starting from scratch

Create a brand out of nothing is an arduous task, tell that to Tesla. Unlike the dawn of the automobile, in which a family could start to make cars with efforts, today you need an army of engineers, experts in marketing, an industrial complex, a lot of money and time.

Lynk & CO, it was announced last year under the umbrella of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group -, or Geely to dry – and its jewel Swedish, Volvo. It’s not going to be a brand more. Your positioning will be between Geely and Volvo, with many components of “origin” in Swedish. For 2020 ambition ¬°half a million units!

This new brand wants to seduce a young clientele, connected, and free of bias car. The client Lynk & CO you can order the car to your liking -as if it were a Premium – and get it where you want. In the price is included “warranty for life” and Internet connectivity. In addition, you can earn money with your car when it’s not needed.


it May not seem so, but it has much in common with the Volvo V40

there Will be two types of customers of Lynk & CO

on the one hand will be the owners, that will pay for the car itself, and the drivers, which will be paid for to use cars that the owners put in the form of rent or that put the company. For this you will need a fleet in a given geographical area.

The sales will start in China. It was planned for 2018, the landing in Europe and north America, but the plans are delayed a bit. To Europe will arrive in 2019 and to the united States in the vicinity of 2020. The goal of 500,000 cars for that year is, to say the least, optimistic.

The vice-president, Alain Visser, who had already worked with Volvo and General Motors, announced that it will Berlin the place of landing of the brand. Like the point of an american game, San Francisco, in Berlin there is more culture in the economy collaborative. In other words, there are more people willing to rent out your car to third parties, or to pay for the use of a car that is not theirs.


Lynk & CO 03 sedan (prototype)

Another feature of Lynk & CO is that will not have outsourced the network of sales: instead of dealers will be points of sale controlled directly by the manufacturer. It is the same model of Tesla with its Tesla Stores, the manufacturer has a higher margin and better control of the brand image and the contact with the clientele.

For what is the maintenance service and the supply of spare parts will make use of the existing infrastructure of Volvo in the european case. Lynk & CO to simplify to the maximum the experience of use, the party car itself passes to a second plane. It is a hybrid model of car sales and services.

One of the reasons that delay the implementation of Lynk & CO on both sides of the Atlantic is the the absence of such a network of points of sale, which has been going creating. On the other hand, is not yet decided if there will be production on european soil (pointing at Ghent, Belgium), or if the cars will come from Luqiao, China.


Lynk & CO 01-the crossover

The range of Lynk & CO will have at least three models. The crossover 01 was unveiled as a half concept, half-car production, and we already know the final version. In Shanghai has also been shown 03, a prototype of sedan. The 02, yet unknown, can be a compact, possibly approach near to the Volvo V40. The platform is the same in all three cases, the CMA of the Swedish manufacturer, that yes, with sauce of china.

More than half of the sales will be made in China

the rest of The volume will be split between Europe and north America, and I repeat, is very optimistic such a high volume for a brand that, today, is completely unknown to the average citizen (Volvo it might sound, but what about Geely?). At least there will be cars with effect of “manufacturer” novice. Is offered versions of gasoline, hybrid, plug-in and fully electric; nothing of diesel.

If your business model works, it may be taken into account by the traditional manufacturers, who seek to place hire people, and that, if possible, to be customers for years (after-sales), and then repeat brand buying a more expensive model and larger. that doesn’t sound bad the idea of appliances in technology with the wisdom of Volvo. That by itself is an endorsement and has many positive connotations, such as the security, but may arouse reluctance on the asian side.