Lynk&Co breaks the mould and will give lifetime warranty to their cars

Lynk&Co 01

The signature hire of new creation Lynk&Co has not yet reached the market and already it is revolutionizing the rules of game. A while ago, the brands of cars given in question of warranty 2 or 3 years. The only firm that broke that rule was Lexus because their cars are sold with 5 years. The market was evolving and now Lexus continues to offer 5 years, but not for all their models.

The majority of brands are still betting on the 2 or 3 year warranty, with the exception of Hyundai give 5, and Kia, which gives 7. These super guarantees, may seem very attractive but you must read very well the small print, because they are not full warranty, but as time passes and mileage in our cars, they are removing parts of this warranty. Now, however, arrives Lynk&Co, and says that their cars, when they arrive at the market, they will have lifetime warranty.

Lynk & CO 02

The plans of the brand, when their cars are in the street and passed by the following approach. models will come with equipment very rich from the factory, but may not incorporate options. The idea is to have a grid of fixed prices that will make shopping easier to the customers, because want to reduce up to 25 percent of the cost of sale of the vehicle.

Another of the attractions that Lynk&Co wants to present in their models is connectivity. According to the brand will be very large and, most importantly, free lifetime. This element is becoming more and more important to sell a car and as the customers demand more, they will satisfy this need well. These commercial actions come attached to the vehicle’s warranty for life, so according to the brand, they want their clients to always be quiet.

To be certain the business strategy of Lynk&Co and like their cars to the public, other brands should review their approaches. When a brand arrives to a market that is saturated what to do in a way disruptive and Geely is very clear the way that has to take its new brand. What you will achieve success this way? We don’t know, but surely that will hurt some brands in consecrated life.

Source – Lynk&Co