LYNK&CO will offer a lifetime warranty on their cars

LYNK&CO promises to revolutionize the automotive industry with some innovative proposals. The most important of these is the promise to provide a lifetime warranty on all its models.

Tmay not be the best name for a car brand, but LYNK&CO, the new proposal of the group Geely, which is also the current owner of Volvo is coming to the market with the intentions of revolutionize the automotive industry, with some innovations never seen to date.

a few months Ago, we knew that the cars from LYNK&CO are not sold through a dealer network, but the whole process of purchasing will take place online by means of the internet.

The LYNK&CO 01 makes its debut in its production format

will Not have a catalogue full of customizations, but on the contrary will have a fixed price policy, with a full complement and without the possibility of adding optional. This eventually will be beneficial for buyers, because with this method of marketing aim to reduce by 25% the cost of the vehicle.

in Addition, LYNK&CO aims to stand by their huge connectivity options, which will have the particularity of being global and free forever. But perhaps the ad more juicy is the one that is related to the warranty of their vehicles, that stands out from the competition with a unique proposition in the market that promise to lifetime warranty for all its models, a bid for others is tempting for the users.

The arrival on the market of LYNK&CO will take place this year in China, while to your arrival in Europe will have to wait until 2019.