M Cactus Concept Citroen, Mehari XXI century is now official


The M Cactus Concept Citroën’s official, thanks to the images and information disseminated before its debut will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a few days.


Citroen-Cactus-M-Concept-3 L I fter advances and several leaks, Citroën spread the photo gallery and official information Cactus M Concept, a prototype that in a few days They will be leading the Frankfurt Motor Show . It is a modern reinterpretation of Citroën Méhari, that based on the C4 try to impart a beach Cactus air, based on the concept car of the 1970s

understand that there are few chances that a car of this kind to reach production, but the French brand sought evoke the past for capturing the attention of some potential buyers who says some variation Cactus C4 based on the prototype achieved a niche in the market.

Citroen-Cactus-M-Concept-2 Citroen-Cactus-M-Concept-4 Citroen-Cactus-M-Concept-6

With the M Cactus Concept Citroen Mehari evokes the 1970s.

Aesthetically, the Citroen Cactus Concept M is based as to what happened in the original model in a roofless structure allowing outdoor use, especially in beach activities. Also taking of Méhari Original their plastic doors, windshield and straight finish inside uncoated plastic.

The rear seat passengers can reach their positions only climb the sides of the car, using the embedded space for that purpose before the rear wheel arches. In the colorful interior are inspired by outdoor materials and finished even allow can be washed with a hose, also thanks to several drainage points integrated into the car floor. The seats are upholstered in a fabric waterproof neoprene base that takes as its inspiration the world of surfing.

The posterior arch of the vehicle can carry tables wakeboard or surf, while the interior has a inflatable roof that transform into a store campaign.

Mechanically, its creators say their road capability the achieved based on the system called Grip Control , which optimizes traction. Flicking a switch located to the left of the steering wheel, the driver can choose between four driving modes called normal road, snow or sand .




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