M-Sport and a Ford Fiesta R5 of claim


The Ford Fiesta R5 is facing a new challenge. When
launched its first version, the model of Cumbria was the only approved
of the category R5. Without opposition or competition, in addition to reap many
successes, Fiesta R5 became the king of the market and in just two years, the
british firm has put up 130 units to private computers. A number of
orders huge that has sustained the rickety accounts team led by
Malcolm Wilson. However, the prism before the arrival of the new Ford Fiesta R5
it has completely changed

Now the competition is fierce and the Skoda Fabia R5 is the rival to beat. The signature Czech worked for two years in the shade and has launched
a model superior to the competition. The firm of Mladá Boleslav controls the
market of R5 and some other riders of great level as Nasser Al-Attiyah or
Nicolas Fuchs have chosen your vehicle. As it is logical, M-Sport has retaliated against
with the launch of a large ‘update’,
Fiesta R5 that goes through an improvement
mechanics approved in January of 2016, and an evolution of the chassis and the
aerodynamics for march.

At M-Sport are aware of the new situation and the
launch of an improvement of the Ford Fiesta R5 is not enough in a market as
strategic. The team has the urgency to demonstrate that the new model will be
at the height of the Skoda Fabia to regain the trust of the customers. According to
has confirmed Malcolm Wilson, the team posed to compete with a unit
‘official’ Fiesta R5 run by M-Sport
. A program in WRC2 is the
perfect showcase of the hand of a pilot of first level. Skoda has team
official, Peugeot also and Hyundai threatens to create it with the i20 R5.