M-Sport bet by Ogier, in the present and the future


S├ębastien Ogier won the Rally of Portugal for the fifth time. The management of the time lost on the first day of the open track was key to achieving victory, although the error committed by Ott Tanak put things easier. In any case, the triumph in the country luso was a turning point in the season, Ogier and his relationship with M-Sport, somewhat battered after the Rally of Argentina. The team put everything that was in his hand with a new chassis, and the champion responded with a victory that gives a new bite to the general classification of the WRC.

In this aspect, Malcolm Wilson is impressed by the performance of Seb: “What you did to manage the loss of time on the first day was fantastic. He knew that I took in Argentina its position on the second day. That, along with some changes we made to the car have allowed it to be more comfortable. The car is going to best for him and we have seen a S├ębastien different here. Is now happy with the car, but it has taken a while to find the ‘set up right’, although it is beginning to understand the Fiesta WRC. We found the sweet spot and that is the difference“.

you can’t say that Malcolm Wilson and M-Sport are not doing everything possible to be happy to Ogier. The preparer of Cumbria knows that it is only possible to lead the drivers ‘ classification and equipment with him. Therefore, in M-Sport will not have problems in using team orders to ensure their title and are already working on improving the conditions of the equipment to keep Ogier in 2018. Malcolm Wilson is in talks with Ford of Europe and Ford America to will have the official support of the brand, something that can make the difference between continue with Ogier or not able to do so.