M-Sport defines the format of the World Junior WRC


The age of the Vehicle and the R3T finished in the World Junior of the WRC to give way to a new phase next to M-Sport. The preparer of Cumbria will act as the promoter of the JWRC from 2017 under a formula known and very similar to that which has been used in recent years in the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy. In fact, M-Sport will have the support of the manufacturer of tires british to manage this formula of promotion and even DMACK will offer the prize to the champion, a program with a Ford Fiesta R5 in WRC2.

In this way, the ingredients of this ‘new’ JWRC go through a calendar of six appointments. The young talents will compete well in the Tour de Corse Rally of Italy-Sardinia and the Rally of Poland in the first half of the season, while they will stand in Finland, Germany and the Rally RACC Catalunya, a test that will have the honor of closing the event. The scoring system will be the standard of the FIA with 25 points for the winner, with the small caveat that will be awarded one point for each scratch got.

At a technical level and in the wake of the above-mentioned Drive DMACK, riders will compete with the Ford Fiesta R2 1.0 Turbo. A model less prestacional the Citro├źn C3 RT3 Max that has been used in the JWRC in the last few months, but it certainly is cheaper to manage and also easier to understand for riders who are taking their first steps in the World. All in all, the management of all the Fiesta R2 will be carried out by M-Sport as a promoter, thus ensuring the equality between all the participants that take part in the Junior WRC.