M-Sport features a further evolution of the Ford Fiesta R5


The Ford Fiesta R5 was the first vehicle to get the approval R5. This bet was almost a blessing for the commercial options of M-Sport, as the competition was soon to appear. Since its debut in July of 2013 has sold more than 125 units to private computers. With a price of around 215.000 euros, the sales of this model have led to the large economic support from the team of Cumbria and one of the great foundations to tackle the renovation that has suffered during this season in the Ford Fiesta RS WRC.

however, the speedy approval of the Ford Fiesta R5 also had its negative aspects. After nearly two years of life, the appearance of the Skoda Fabia R5 has been a hard setback to the british model in terms of competitiveness. The vehicle of the signature Czech has been developed during almost two years of testing by drivers of Skoda and their arrival on the World Rally, has been shown to be very superior to the rest of their rivals, including their own Fiesta R5. It is estimated that the current Skoda Fabia R5 has an advantage of 30 km/h in terms of top speed.


in order To counteract its disadvantage, and after two and a half years without receiving a single update, M-Sport has announced a major evolution of the Ford Fiesta R5. This extensive ‘upgrade’ will be homologated the 1 January 2016 and will involve the use of eight ‘jokers’ -similar to the tokens of F1 – to the evolution of the model. A complete team of engineers from M-Sport has worked for the past six months to develop the two areas that needed urgent improvement: the engine and the chassis. With these measures, M-Sport expects to be able to place your model R5 to the height of the Skoda Fabia.

Of the eight wildcards spent, five ‘jokers’ have been to evolve the engine. Account with an update of the cylinder head, the piston, the admission and other elements of the exhaust. It also introduces a new clutch. The engineers from M-Sport have achieved an increase of 32 horsepower and 56 Nm of torque, the greatest increase of performance ever achieved by the british firm in a evolution. The three ‘jokers’ remaining will improve the chassis, aunqnue these improvements will not come until march. The model will use a aero kit front bumper and spoiler, plus new suspension arms and shock absorbers Reiger.