M-Sport to start your 'it was Ogier' in the Monte carlo Rally


Sébastien Ogier got his fourth title of champion of the
WRC Rally RACC Catalunya. Few or none could imagine by then
qua the defense of his fourth crown was to be from the hand of M-Sport and its
new Ford Fiesta RS WRC 2017. However, the up bound of Volkswagen
Motorsport has been a shift to the status of the championship and the French star
will start the Rally of Monte carlo with the #1 on a Ford Fiesta RS with that
you must endure the attacks of Citroën and Toyota. What will be in the hands of Ott
Tanak and Elfyn Evans
, this last by wearing and using colors and tires DMACK.

The Rally Monte carlo is the home garden for Sébastien
, natural Gap. A feeling that is further enhanced by the
successes had joined the French in this test, all while accumulating a
second position, and three consecutive victories in the last four times that
has taken part of the test: Is a new season in all
senses of the word
. A new era, a new car and a new computer.
We all know that experience is an important factor in the WRC and it would have
been nice to have more time to work with the team, but we have
learned a lot during the month that we have been together

over the years I have learned to be pragmatic and
focus on my work
. That is what we will do in this first rally. We have not
had a lot of preparation, but we’re going to this first event that is determined to make
everything possible”
has stated Ogier, who then added: “we Had two
days of testing in conditions typical of this rally last week and all
we know the secret to doing so well, it is to choose correctly the
, anticipating the conditions, and judging the levels of grip. If
we can do that as we grow as a team, then I think we could
to be in a good position. Is an event like no other, historic and


Ott Tanak is the second pilot of M-Sport and facing this new season alongside Martin Järkeova, your new co-pilot. The Estonian has competed in three times the Rally of Monte carlo and earn a seventh place finish as best result. He was the one who got in 2016: “I can Not wait to start. Everything is new, and it will be very interesting. There is a huge work behind to get to this point. The work of the whole team has put into this car is incredible. It is all new and no one will know really where it is until the start of the first sections. The feeling is good, but it is one of the rally’s most difficult schedule“.

all in all, Tanak is quite pragmatic also: The trick to doing this well is quite simple. You need experience and be aware of all the conditions. To avoid mistakes and make good choice of tires, as well as find a good set up. If you can put it all together then you are going to have a strong performance. The goal this season is to be more consistent. We have more experience and want to improve the results. I am excited to pursue my goals with M-Sport. Already not much time left for the start“.

Elfyn Evans will be the third pilot in charge of scoring for the formation of M-Sport, but will compete under the umbrella of the DMACK, with the colors of the
british manufacturer of tires and their products, wearing their Ford Fiesta RS
WRC 2017. In addition, under the color of official M-Sport, with a livery very
similar to the one you will use Ott Tanak, the frenchman Eric Camilli start your program
official in WRC2 with the Ford Fiesta R5
. The goal for the frenchman is
fight for victory in the second category fifa world cup and be able to fight as well
for the title at the end of the season.