Madrid agrees to prohibit the circulation to cars diesel from 2025

Tráfico en Madrid

The Madrid city Council is committed to prohibit the movement of cars diesel in 2025.

From a few hours ago, the owner that runs the great majority of digital media or paper is the following: “Madrid will prohibit the circulation to cars diesel from the year 2025”. This is not the first time in talk about restrictions on the traffic that the city Council of the Spanish capital has been put in place according to what type of vehicles and at certain times, due to pollution problems. However, he never had wanted to go so far.

From the 30 November until 2 of December (yesterday), took place the Summit of Mayors in Mexico City, in which participated the heads of the consistories of the major capitals of the world. One of the agreements that has come out of the “C40 Cities” is the commitment signed by four of the most important capitals of the world to prohibit the movement of vehicles with diesel engines from the year 2025.

Between these cities we found Paris, Mexico City, Athens, and Madrid. Focusing on the part that touches us, Manuela Carmena, mayor of Madrid, says the main objective of this measure the power to improve the quality of the air that is breathed in the Spanish capital. An unprecedented agreement on the part of the political representatives of municipal.

Tráfico en Madrid

The city of Madrid together with this commitment to Paris, Athens and Mexico City.

“The quality of the air we breathe in our cities is directly related to our actions against climate change. To reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our cities, the air we breathe is cleaner and our children, our seniors and, in general, our citizens, will be more healthy.”

on the other hand, in this commitment signed by these four major capitals, you also have the bet and incentive the use of alternative vehicles such as plug-in hybrids or electric as well as to promote alternative transport such as cycling. It also calls for a rapid transition to the vehicles with mechanical “electrified”, even though to do so, will have to be the own city councils that will truly work in the improvement of the infrastructure because, until you do not increase the number of recharging points for electric vehicles and reduces their price, we will not see a real boom of the same.

Among the aspects most debated since it became public this commitment, we have the factor of the health of the citizens of these cities where pollution is a problem patent, the freedom of the drivers to be able to make use of your own vehicle, or discrimination to the owners of a car a diesel, due to lack of financial resources can not afford to buy an electric car, hybrid or adapt it for the use of another type of fuels more efficient and ecological as the of LPG or CNG.

Tráfico en Madrid

The consistory madrid will bid for the vehicles plug-in hybrids and electric with new incentives and grants.

Any person who resides in the city of Madrid, or that,
for what family reasons, and/or employment have to scroll to it on a daily basis
will be no stranger to this measure if it is finally implemented. I will not be I
who cross out the error or success of this commitment that the City of Madrid has
signed, even though I have clear my position if he resided in the capital of our