Madrid will harden the conditions for on-street parking (BE)


In streets such as this parking is impossible – Photography: EURIST e.V. (Flickr) CC BY

The city of Madrid has an obvious problem of pollution, so that in the last few months is heating up the debate on what to do if limits are exceeded. Mayor Ana Botella was not to implement measures that Manuela Carmena itself has employed, and poses to use.

Such measures are not the most comfortable for all users of motor vehicles, especially if they are listed as the most polluting (regulations Euro 4 back). The maximum mobility allowed to the which have eco-friendly vehicles, mainly electric and plug-in hybrids.

The city Council is working on the modification of the regulated parking (to BE) on several fronts. In less than 24 hours they have crossed the statements of two officials of high-profile, which does not help to guess the intentions of the city council soon.


Traffic in Madrid – Photo: José Antonio Morcillo Valenciano (Flickr) CC BY

Elisa Barahona, a technical advisor in the area of Environment and Mobility of Madrid city Council, made yesterday a statement in a summer course of the UIMP. Spoke of increasing the cost of parking for more pollutants, which is already being done, and that does not depend on the demand for parking in the area.

When you remove a ticket in a parking meter, you must enter tuition, so that you can know the level contaminente of the vehicle crossing data with the DGT. Has a minimum of sense to make things easier for the less contaminated, and dificultarlas the most. He also spoke of expanding the area of coverage of the BEING beyond the M-30, which tried without success to former mayor Ruiz-Gallardón.

Barahona commented on other contentious measures, like banning parking on a green area for residents and at a higher price. Nor forget hours, could be extended at night and on holidays. Right now the schedule is from 09:00 to 21:00 on weekdays, from 09:00 to 15:00 on Saturdays, and August; and on Sundays and holidays without oversight.


Inés Sabanés and Rita Maestre at a press conference (FILE)

Those words have lasted for hours. Inés Sabanés, a delegate of Environment and Mobility of Madrid city Council, denied this noon, both the possible extension of the hours of the BE, as well as to expand the regulated area outside of the central core. He described the words of his colleague as “thoughts” of a summer course.

right Now Madrid is governed by the Air Quality Plan 2010-2015, which has not given the expected result. Working in a new document, with tougher measures and more unpopular. Others, however, will be most welcome, as parking places for residents free of charge in the outlying neighborhoods, or the construction of park and ride facilities near nodes of public transport.

is Not the first time that the Madrid city Council launches weather balloons, both with and Now Madrid as the PP. Only there to stop evil to a staff member or spokesperson, or to relegate everything to the realm of possibilities, “we’ll see”, and “what we’re studying.”


Future locations of park and ride facilities in Madrid

progressively Madrid is going to go close to the traffic. There are already several areas of priority residential (APR) where vehicles are not permitted, they are fined nothing more to enter. Are peatonalizando streets. Surveillance of BE is made more sophisticated with cars with camera that can read multiple license plates in one pass, and check in electronically if you have paid for your parking.

As in any large city, the private transport will be discouraged, especially the use of old vehicles. If that discouraging has trade-offs in terms of public transport, the motorist will see you with other eyes. Several european cities speak directly prohibit the trafficking of internal-combustion engines in less than 15 years.

the right to mobility is one thing, but the health is other, let us recall the controversy between the mayor of Alcorcón and the consistory madrid as a result of the restrictions of the circulatory system. what Health or mobility? tends to Be an average, though more on the side of the first than of the second.