Magic or technology? How he got the Corvette Stingray lose a little more?


In the press portal of General Motors does not appear anywhere, but some media have picked up the news. The Corvette Stingray MY2016 – in versions coupe only – has lost 9 kg compared to its previous Model Year. That is, the weight has gone from 1,496 kg to 1,487 kg . Not a big weight savings, but it has apparently achieved without change one element of equipment. How they have succeeded? By using a new plastic compound to the body panels.

The finish when painting the body is equal to the metal panel and aluminum.

The compound is called TCA Ultra Lite , and is a plastic composite manufactured by the American specialist Continental Structural Plastics, fully dedicated to the automotive industry and the insulation. 21 bodypanels the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray have been molded on the first automotive application TCA Ultra Lite, allowing 9 kg saving in the body . A significant weight saving, thanks to the low density composite that does not alter the properties of the body of the stingray.

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 The difference with other plastic compounds is that for the injection of the calcium carbonate filler is replaced with glass bubbles, a technology patented by Continental Structural Plastics getting reduce the density of plastic by 25% without harming its structural rigidity. In addition to being lightweight, the body panels using composite allows to reduce production costs of low-volume vehicles.

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