Magic Seats and other space solutions of Honda HR-V 2015 to convince you to buy

The Honda HR-V is visually attractive, is pleasant to drive, comes well equipped, and expensive. Perhaps for the latter (and their size) in Honda is preferred measure against Nissan Qashqai, which against this younger brother, the Juke. It is logical. But there is another reason, in my view compelling reason, why we find it hard to compare the Honda HR-V with Juke a Captur, or 2008, and is the space . And I can assure you that this Honda HR-V 2015 , a few days ago we were testing the area around Lisbon, offers space in abundance. That is probably its greatest virtue. To the extent that I sincerely believe that just as the space offered to any customer wearing it.

Honda HR-V 2015 test: what and against whom compete? What you have in images.

And as I mentioned, lo, the first reason for Honda dares to fight major products priori that the HR-V, like the Qashqai own. A trunk with a capacity, a useful volume of 470 liters! The ASX approves Qashqai 442 liters and 439 liters only. The Mazda CX-3, with up to 350 liters, can never compete with the trunk of the HR-V. And that is a fact to be taken into account in the Honda, as there will be many customers who can see their needs met with HR-V and opting for Mazda, have to climb a step up to a CX-5. That is the great competitive advantage of Honda HR-V.


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The base of the trunk is high and not fully supportive (although almost) with the loading mouth. Cargo space is high, deep and wide enough.

honda-hr-v-2015-prueba-mdm-28-1440px This is the great secret of the trunk of the Honda HR-V. The ride height has allowed, even using a torsion bar in the form of H in the rear, the trunk have an really wide double bottom . This double bottom is very useful and practical, but implies without spare wheel (can equip optionally, if you wish).

honda-hr-v-2015-prueba-mdm-29-1440px A double bottom by high and space is wide enough to accommodate a suitcase with regulatory dimensions of the cockpit of a commercial flight , and still on for more cargo space.


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The base of the seats Magic Seat folds vertically along the back, in the style of a cinema seat.

And this is the second reason, in habitability , the Honda HR-V wins street many SUV C-segment Honda used a very interesting trick The moving the fuel tank from the base of the rear seats, the base of the car under the front seats. Thanks to that, the Honda HR-V has a common solution in Honda, which by the way we love, that of their seats Magic Seat .

And what these Magic Seat Unlike the sidewalks that we usually see in most cars, Honda is committed to a more compact design, with a hollow base – since space that had occupied the fuel tank has moved towards the front seats – and foldable, similar to the cinema seats


This means that as simple as pulling up the seat base movement, we support him upright in the seat backs. And this trick allows us that in the absence of passengers, the rear seats can be used to accommodate very high, long objects, and in general with dimensions that are sometimes difficult for a conventional trunk. I am thinking, for example, on your new TV 4K 60 “and bulky box.

honda-hr-v-maletero-3 If we go back the seat base, l as rear seats of Honda HR-V enjoy much space , both in height and width and legroom for passengers. Thus, first, I would not say enjoy as much space as other SUV compact, but it is much more spacious than those in smaller crossovers like Juke, or Captur.

honda-hr-v-maletero-2 Meanwhile, do not go very far because’ll talk at length about this new Honda HR-V. Among other things I’ll tell you why I would take it with diesel and not gasoline.

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Honda HR-V 2015 test: what and against whom compete? What you have in images.

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