Magnus Walker knows how to make us fall off the drool with his Porsche, but driving like an idiot

If tomorrow I play the lottery, or, better said, the Euromillions, I would buy the latest sporty, the most powerful, the most expensive and spectacular. Probably the first thing I would do would be to search for a good 911 classic, send it to Magnus Walker, and leave it to do art with him. We can count with the fingers of one hand – and we sobrarían fingers – setters in which you can have blind faith to prepare a classic. But in terms of driving, is a whole idiot. For a simple reason. By your hands may have spent hundreds of Porsche 911, you can be the very same Lewis Hamilton, champion of the Formula 1, and even so ever you should do what Magnus does in the following video.

we’re Not going to be us who make an allegation, even hypocritical, for the religious respect of each and every one of the traffic signals. Who doesn’t take any time to step on the accelerator of a 911 classic? But, even being very permissive with the behavior of a driver at the controls of a sport, we can never justify going to a speed clearly very high on a road with much traffic, and even less payment towards us to the right lane to go past each and every one of the cars that we came across. Not to mention the hint of pique with a Honda Civic.

This video is in addition to another story that we met this summer. Magnus Walker crashed his 911 “277” 1971 against the loading ramp of a truck, while he was being interviewed live by a journalist from the StarTribune.

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