Magnus Walker reminds us why a classic 911 plus hands, demands respect

Think of one of those sports that you have always desired to have in the garage. Now imagine that there is a coach able to improve on perfection. That’s Magnus Walker, a man who could do something magical every 911 that passes through their hands, especially if it’s a classic. But even a man like him who has made 911 his lifestyle, his most faithful companion, and a business – by the way – very lucrative, occasionally you may encounter situations like that experienced last week. Magnus Walker crashed one of his most prized offspring, the famous “277” 1971 .

RAUH Welt, Singer and Magnus Walker: The artisans of the 911

The curious thing about the situation is not in the story of the clash, which incidentally was recorded live (see video StarTribune), but in the fact that carry aboard a reporter StarTribune why was being interviewed . Overconfidence, an error on a curve, and impeccable Mercedes 300 SL gets rid of a front-side impact. But the truck occupied a lane on the road was not so lucky. Nor he had the poor 911 “277”.

The good news within the wreckage is that and Magnus Walker nor the reporter Vineeta Sawkar, suffered no harm . The clash, although it is saldase a paint and body work, no less chilling. Colliding with a truck is always a danger, especially if the collision occurs at that angle and with a trailer, to make matters worse, he had lowered his platform load.

If this Porsche 911 you like it as we are, my advice is you to review this report with one of the best photo shoots that have made this piece, the story of Works Stance.

Glad to see Magnus out of 277 and Apparently ok. Really bummed about the car. magnuswalker Wish you well and hop …

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#nobodyhurtmagnuswalker Avoids collision With vintage #MBZ but sideways throwing 277 # # c …

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RAUH Welt, Singer and Magnus Walker: The artisans of the 911

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