Magnussen claims to have apologized to Gasly “many times”


The controversy over Kevin Magnussen and his performance in the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan continues to tour, because the pilot Danish Haas wanted to clarify some interpretations of his interview with Reuters that several media outlets have decontextualised.

In this interview, Magnussen says: “I don’t like commitments, I’ll give you everything, I will die in the car. I’m not going to restrain myself”, something that has been taken in a literal way, and that, therefore, the dane has tried to explain. “I don’t want to die in the car. Expressed my willingness to give absolutely everything in my efforts to achieve success. Such success is not to have accidents or suffer penalties, but to finish the race in the best possible position”, noted in Twitter.

in Addition, Kevin Magnussen explains that this interview was conducted prior to the conclusion of the race in Baku, so that anything discussed is in relation with the incident later emerged between Pierre Gasly and him. “The interview was made before the race in Baku, and not with the incident with Pierre (Gasly) in mind. Did not pressure to Pierre to purpose and I have apologized many times after the incident” said.

Finally, Magnussen reiterates what was said in the interview in relation to his dedication to the Formula 1, ensuring that the day don’t give it all, it will be removed. “I’m living my childhood dream, to compete in the Formula 1, and I’ve used all my life to get it, so for me it’s natural give it absolutely everything to achieve success in the competition and the day not to do so, I will leave immediately the competition”.