Magnussen: “The pilots are the ones who have to adapt the speed to the track”


The large number of interruptions and laps behind the Safety Car that lived at Interlagos on Sunday during the Grand Prix of Brazil have resulted in opinions for and against.

Some, such as Carlos Sainz highlighted the complexity of piloting with so much rain and almost zero visibility it had on the track. Others such as Kevin Magnussen believe that the situation in turn 12 was extreme but, in spite of everything, the race direction was excessively careful. “The conditions were a challenge, especially in the curve 12, which currently is not a curve in the dry, but became a curve of truth in wet. There was a lot of aquaplanningalli and, even though not what would have been, I was at the limit”.

“it is up to us to ride according to the conditions and not exceed the limit

Magnussen thinks that they should have shot less behind the safety car: “I only Wish we had been able to drive more but, of course, you should have a red flag to check out the accident and safety must always be the priority but, after that, I think we were too careful with riding in the rain”, and emphasizes that corresponds to the drivers to adapt the speed of the riding to the track conditions. “At the end of the day, it is up to us, the pilots, to reduce enough to manage it. We just need to ride according to the conditions and not exceed the limit, which is exactly what we do in the dry”.

Verstappen believes that the cars of 2017 go better in the rain

on the other hand, Max Verstappen thinks that the problem is not so much the quality of the wet tyres as the downforce generated by the cars current in relation to the power of the engines. Something that, in your opinion, will be much more balanced next year and, therefore, the situation will improve. “of course I believe that next year we can improve gums, but I think it’s a combination of having more horse power now and less downforce. I think the next season should resolve, should be more easy to drive the car in wet conditions by having significantly more downforce”.

Several have been pilots who have criticized the performance of the current rain tires, coming to comment that only serve to circulate behind the safety car. In spite of everything, , most of the pilots completed Sunday’s race in Interlagos with the criticized tyres extreme wet.