Magnussen: “Vandoorne will face one of the best in the sport”


Kevin Magnussen belonged to the team McLaren until the season 2015, in which he was a reserve driver of the team and, subsequently, signed by Renault as a pilot owner. The Danish competed with the team from Woking in 2014, but the results were not satisfactory and McLaren decided to sign Fernando Alonso and a bet on another young rider: Stoffel Vandoorne.

The belgian won the GP2 Series in 2015, and this year has had to compete in the Super Formula japanese to maintain the shape. After the withdrawal of Jenson Button, the opportunity has arisen and will be pilot-owner in 2017. In the opinion of Kevin Magnussen, is the perfect time to Stoffel. “I Could have been removed two years ago,”, joked Magnussen in statements to, although there is discontent with the evolution that has taken his career. “But everything has gone very well for me anyway. I am glad that I had two more years and I think it was good for him to have these seasons against Fernando and demonstrate that it really is very good. I wasn’t surprised, but he was good against Fernando. I think that may be the right time to leave”.

Magnussen, who this year has chosen as a pilot and owner of Haas, believes that Fernando Alonso is one of the best of the Formula 1 and Vandoorne should take advantage of it in their own benefit.

“Alonso is facing one of the best in the sport, you will be able to demonstrate what it can do. That’s why I think it has everything you could ask for to create a future for himself in Formula 1.

“Stoffel comes from the GP2, I know we made the Super Formula in Japan, but is used to winning, used to be a little selfish in the way that you work. One take care of yourself, focusing on yourself, you don’t need anyone else, you don’t have to look at both your team-mate, because you defeat you easily, so you have to focus on yourself.”

“Now is going to be different. You will have someone to whom you must pay attention, you will have to look at what it is doing (his team mate) and learn of him, because he is better than you, because it has a lot of experience and experience is what you really have to pay attention and learn from her as much as you can.”

Magnussen believes that Stoffel Vandoorne is well-surrounded and your surroundings will know how to advise you. In addition, the Danish view that it is a good time to make his debut in the McLaren, once it has begun to regain the form of yesteryear. “I don’t need to give you any advice, know how to do it himself and has several people who support him. I think that has had a lot of luck getting the Formula 1 in a very good time and arrive at McLaren is also in a good time. Some good things are happening and it is a good place to be in these momentos”.