Mahindra e2o Plus, first teaser of the four-door electric low-cost


First look at the new Mahindra e2o Plus an urban electric low cost

Mahindra launches a pair of teasers about its new model e2o Plus. Judging by the images offered to try to continue hiding the vehicle under the shadows is a new body for the already known Mahindra e2o, a small electric vehicle that is sold in Europe even though Spain has not arrived.

Under the denomination Plus, this new model will continue keeping a close similarity with the aforementioned coupe but with the addition of a couple of doors for access to the rear seats. It seems that the proportions of the vehicle will be extended, as seen in the image on the side. It is expected an increase in its wheelbase to give the rear seats more habitable as well as a luggage compartment more spacious. This means that you will move away something of 3,28 feet long and measured the original model but we doubt that it will reach the 3.5 meters.

On its design expected deep modifications mainly in the behind. One of the images already gives us an insight that the shape of their lenses later will be very different to the well known model debuting a figure vertical which extends along the last pillar of your body. In addition, the play of shadows and lights on the body reveals to us that possess a gate to higher dimensions to a luggage compartment more practical.


The new indian model to be unveiled very soon

Mahindra e2o Plus you want to land to Europe with the intention of giving a lot of war. The combination between the reduced sale price and your and electric propulsion are their main weapons. Stop having an idea, the e2o can be purchased with a starting price from 16.064 € in its version more basic rental of its batteries, while the top of range, TechX, raises its price until the 19.773 €. To be done with the bodywork of the four doors there will be a price to pay extra but should not pull away too much regarding the coupe to remain an attractive option.

Electric, urban, four-door and low-cost

The Mahindra e2o original osee a battery of lithium-ion 13.9 kWh ability that allows you to travel distances of a few 129 km, accelerate from 0 to 40 km/h in 4.9 seconds and to travel at speeds of up to 101 km/h. The new model will present a performance similar to these, if the propulsion system is shared with the two doors, although we do not surprise if you add better features in this new edition, thanks to a more modern technology and a bigger capacity battery that will fit in your new body.

In the next few days we will know more about the new model zero emissions of Mahinda. Meanwhile in Spain, the indian manufacturer offers a reduced range of SUVS and Pick-Up.