Mahindra “improves” the aesthetic and endowment of the XUV500 with a restyling

a few days Ago, the manufacturer hindu Mahindra announced the start of sales of the small all the way KUV100 in our country. To day of today the only brand with a product that can be categorized as “competitive”, but it was presented in the year 2011, and it is accusing the passage of time. However, to avoid the XUV500 lose appeal in the face of increasing competition, the makers of the brand have decided to apply a restyling.

The points where greater emphasis has been done by engineers of the brand to remake the XUV500 are limited to the aesthetics (exterior and interior), the technological endowment and range mechanics. With this set of changes, the responsible of the consortium hindu expect its global sales to hang in until the replacement of the XUV500 will reach the market in a couple of years.

If we focus on its aesthetics, the Mahindra XUV500 debuts front in which integrated a new grill, which are mixed and chrome accents with the other in black lacquered. Both sides are a few optical groups renewed aspect in which have been inserted in a different position the daytime running lights by LED. The side view of the model practically has not changed, although it has been modified the design of their alloy wheels.

The rear view of the XUV500 are also altered thanks to a few new optical groups of a larger size and interior layout reorganized. The gate, which gives access to the trunk, it includes a chrome trim that subtraction heaviness to your design. Complete these changes two new shades for the body as well as a few bumpers, revised lines and contours more muscular.

The changes that the designers of Mahindra have been introduced in the cabin of the XUV500 are more subtle than those received on the outside. The basic lines that define the personality of the dashboard have not been altered, maintaining, therefore, their morphology intact. The changes focus on a new decorative moldings finished in piano black and new leather upholstery for the endings, more complete.

endowment all the way the hindu has also been modified, not on the number of items available, but in the enrichment of the versions of access to the range. In it, he highlights the infotainment system with touch-screen display of six inches signed by the specialist Arkamys, navigation system-integrated, compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, climate control bi-zone, sensors of light and rain, or sun roof practicable.

To level mechanical, the Mahindra XUV500 incorporates the new block gas with four-cylinder and 2-liter displacement that yields a power of 140 HP. In diesel, the brand’s engineers have revised the consumption and emissions of the 2.2 litres and four-cylinder, increasing the power until the 155 HP. Both blocks can be combined with a manual gearbox with 6 relationships, but only the diesel can include one of auto-cut. Finally, the awd to all four wheels is optional on the biggest releases.

By now your price do not know, though when the brand you bring to Spain, will provide more data about your positioning.

Source – Mahindra

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