Mahindra KUV100, a new model that since then has not designed Pininfarina

Mahindra KUV100Mahindra has just announced its new model, the Mahindra KUV100, a compact SUV of less than four meters in length that is located below other models such as the TUV300 and XUV500, this last sold in Spain. The name KUV100 makes reference to “Kool Utility Vehicle” while the number 100 indicates that it is the smallest model of the range SUV.

This new model will hit the indian market in January 2016, and may expand their marketing to other neighbouring countries. What is certain is that we will not see it in Europe. One of the main features of the Mahindra KUV100, if we forget its design, that it certainly is not Pininfarina, is that it will be a 3+3 six-seater, although unfortunately the brand has not released images of the cockpit to be able to make us to the idea.

Mahindra KUV100it Will be possible to choose between seven body colors, although probably none of them would be able to conceal the distortions of the design, which make the wheels 15″ with tyres 185/65 look like a toy. The extension of the headlights for the fins and the handles of the rear doors along with the form of windows contribute to the overall KUV500 have a strange appearance, in spite of having his personality.

Under the hood of the Mahindra KUV100 there may be two different motors, one diesel and another petrol. Both will have 1.2-liter three-cylinder and will be associated to a manual gearbox five relationships, and front-wheel drive. The diesel will be a turbo and common-rail, with 77 BHP of power, while the petrol will deliver 82 HORSEPOWER, although torque considerably lower, with 190 Nm for the diesel and 115 for the petrol.

it Is interesting to know that Mahindra has opted for the security in this new model, which will include series elements as front airbags, stability control, ABS and distributor of electronic braking. In the west is something mandatory in all cars, but let us remember that in India even sell cars without these safety measures, reaping disastrous results in the crash tests.

Source – Mahindra