Mahindra & Mahindra wants to be a supplier for electric vehicles

Mahindra EV1

a couple of days Ago I had the manufacturer hindu Mahindra & Mahindra was ready to launch to the market a super sports car and an SUV, all-electric. Apparently the engineers of the firm have very advanced jobs for launch to the market its first propulsion system, all electric. To this end they have invested a great amount of money and as it is logical to want to return the investment in the shortest possible time.

This return would come, in part, from his employment by the brands that are in consortium hindu. However, this will not be the only way to get the maximum benefit from this investment because the management of the builder would have thought of another plan to retrieve the money. The idea passes by to become external supplier for those brands that want to launch their electric cars but that do not have the technology required to do this.

Teaser Mahindra e2o Plus

With this expansion of your business, the brand hindu ensures that many rivals (for now) they will buy your system electric propulsion. The name chosen to name this new division of the firm would be Mahindra Electric (ME), and now their plans are ambitious. Among them is the modification of the production lines of its plant for make more of the drive systems electrical with which to supply the future demand.

which is now decentralized, is the manufacture of batteries and electric motors EV full. The reason for this decentralization is that the cost of implementation is very high and until there is a stable volume of production is not economically profitable. However, are already studying how to integrate the manufacture of these components within its production system when the time comes cost savings derived from outsourcing.

In the firm believe that the future of the automotive industry is in electric mobility. The reason given is that the electric motor has achieved a performance of 80 per cent and the internal combustion are (in the best case, Toyota) at almost 40 percent. This is why they are investing large amounts of money and human resources to be the first builder in India to offer these services.

Source – Mahindra & Mahindra