Mahindra wants to launch an SUV and a sporty, all-electric

Mahindra EV1

The conglomerate hindu Mahindra & Mahindra is very active in the last few years. Since they were made with several large firms in the sector have grown in the markets in which they are present. However you still need to change their image before their rivals so that customers are attracted by their products. For this reason, have decided to go for the electrification of its range of models.

As has been communicated to the firm, engineers of the department of development would be creating a drivetrain fully electric. The end power of this system would be hovering around the 380 hp of power and the car on the premiere might as well be a super-athletic high-flying. Obviously, with Pininfarina within their portfolio of firms, we could have a real giant killer of be true what I have communicated.

Mahindra e-Supro

in Addition, the arrival of this super sports would not be the only news that will give Mahindra. With this power train, would have thought to launch more models and different segments. As we know, SsangYong is also under their umbrella and the boys of the firm have already confirmed that they will have several models powered by batteries in his range.

For the development of all this technology the engineers of Mahindra will take advantage of the experience who is acquiring the brand name in the championship Formula E. This know-how will serve for the creation of this electric powertrain with 380 hp and the arrival of two models (in particular, SUV) of the trademarks Mahindra and SsangYong on the market.

To finish we have to say that Mahindra is not an unknown in the field of electrification car. It currently has in its range with several electric vehicles. . Among them are the e20+, the eSupro and the eVerito. These models use a system of electrification is very simple, but according to the brand, its purpose is to test the technology and advance the development of better products.

the plans of The conglomerate hindu are very good looking and more if you come to our continent of the hand SsangYong. Soon there will be new and better stories.

Source – Mahindra & Mahindra