“Make life a trip,” the new philosophy of BMW Motorrad

The feeling, proximity and user are presented as some of the main ingredients in the new film launched by BMW Motorrad where all of you are the real protagonists and which underlies philosophy “Make life a riding” Would you want to see an interesting video?

Life is shown as a path full of obstacles that must be overcome in order to move forward with our destiny and continue to promote without succumbing work to achieve this goal given year. BMW Motorrad wants to remind us, through his new film, we must take the reins of our lives and be the owners of the path forward a message that is distilled from philosophy “Make life a riding” , which puts its mark on film.

This new production is not a movie anyone, we have a movie created through experiences from all users therefore beyond artificiality machine can display a motorbike and each of its gears to form a perfect structure, which dominates in this new product humanity and over emotions.

The plot of this movie is based on memories and how they see life users often climb aboard the vehicle to carry A new crossing . In the new makelifearidemovie.es space, users will find everything they need to share their experiences. They can tell their story through pictures and / or comments leading social network Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram to encourage their friends to participate and thus achieve greater number of votes to make your experience become the protagonist film.

What you think about it it new philosophy BMW “Make life a riding”

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