Make sure your limo can overcome the level crossing, or you can have problems (video)

The limousines are conventional car with its long battle sometimes several meters. In the case of this limousine based on a Chrysler 300, the battle has been lengthened by three or possibly four meters: within can not hold more than 12 or 15 people. The problem is that this long battle makes them likely to get stuck on slopes or at level crossings . And when they get stuck on a level crossing, problems arise. If they are not rescued in time, you can come a freight train.

The limo could not be rescued in time the level crossing where he was stuck.

A freight train usually weighing thousands of tons. At cruising speed, can take almost two kilometers to stop . Even going so slowly it can take hundreds of meters to stop, but your brakes are working at full power is difficult to stop its launched mass – so their accidents are often as dangerous. When this limo is stuck at a level crossing freight train can not stop . Although it was completely empty, the violence with which the train takes impress ahead.

There is no indication that the limousine despite four tons, takes ahead as if a car ahead takes a small cardboard box lying on the road. The incident occurred this week in Indiana, in the Elkhart County. Fortunately not had to regret the loss of the limousine , possibly pieces will be auctioned after being declared a total loss. Which will learn a valuable lesson the driver, if it ever in your life again drives a limousine.

Source: Carscoops
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