Make way, here is the Nissan GT-R 2017

If the japanese brand already announced coming changes in the GT-R. Today, the supercar japanese is given appointment in the Salon New York to show your face wash. This is the new Nissan GT-R 2017.

With major interior changes that give a more modern and higher quality of finishes, its tuning mechanics with a more powerful engine and performance, or their strokes aesthetic along the body, the current range of the prestacional car is shoved aside to contemplate the update of this year (with the name 2017).


The outer refines even more its aggressiveness

Its front, dominated by the grill is the main foreign exchange of this model that resembles for this part of their line chrome with all the current range Nissan and a gain in size to provide a greater flow of air to the engine.

in Addition, it has completed the front end with a new spoiler bottom under the bumper, which also renews and gives continuity to the sharp side skirts of the body.


In his behind, on the other hand, has redesigned the bottom of the bumper to house a diffuser of important dimensions as well as air tickets to the sides of your quad-exhaust outlet. The aesthetic is more aggressive and sporty, but with a job and aerodynamic stability important behind.

Also expands the palette of colors with the addition of the “Orange Katsura” in the body (these images) or the “Brown Tobacco” and “Black Samuray” in the interior upholstery.

simplicity is the key of your new interior


In the interior, on the other hand, there are numerous changes that simplify the passenger compartment to provide a rejuvenation to the vehicle controls. While the dashboard gets a complete redesign softens his line and gives a touch of premium with the integration of the leather, the steering wheel has also been modified to zoom controls and buttons to the position of their hands, as well as the approach of cam change to the steering column, that now move it next to the steering wheel.

The center console has also been replaced for a new recipe that reduces the number of buttons and controls to simplify their use and now incorporates the shots are central to the climate control.

Under the hood, +20 HP

The refinement, the vehicle mechanic could not avoid passing through the engine. The already existing in the range of the supercar V6 3.8-liter twin-turbo raises his power up to the 570 CV (that is 20 more than the current model) with a torque of 637 Nm that in addition to changes your sound thanks to the new titanium mufflers that incorporates the vehicle.


We can see it in Nissan showrooms of the division NISMO Center (you already know that the GT-R can’t be purchased at the dealership) since April, despite the fact that the first deliveries will not take place until this summer.