Makes a video clip to protest their faulty vehicle (video)

Jeep defectuoso videoclipUsually buy a new car gives you more confidence to buy it second hand, already assume that it is a car that does not give breakdowns. The reality is quite different and for sure we all know someone that bought a new car, whatever the brand, and that from the first moment he had problems that caused him to hate his car, bought with so much effort, and get rid of it quickly.

In the whole process of a faulty vehicle there are thousands of complaints and many times unsuccessful. Teg Seth is an australian citizen in October 2013, he bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee again for about 40,000 euros at the exchange. From the beginning the car was suffering from various problems which involved multiple trips in crane and such problems have not been solved, as the car continues to misfire. Teg has lost confidence in his car for fear that he will stop lying and wants the brand will return the money or a new car, something that has not been achieved by means of more orthodox, so he has decided to create a produced and catchy video clip.


The music video is called “I made a mistake I bought a Jeep” or “I made a mistake, buy a Jeep”. In the complaint, and recreates the multiple trips of your Grand Cherokee in crane, the manner in which he has been treated by the concession that sold it to you and the incompetence of the mechanics.

The video clip also has a background in higher, as well as to claim for your own car, calls for a law Lemon (lemon) for Australia. In the united States there is this law that requires manufacturers to refund the money or replace the vehicle for a new one if the same mistakes are continued, and it has not been possible to repair it. In Australia there is no law of this kind and not to mention in Spain, where any problem of this type lengthens in claims for years and almost always ends with a consumer frustrated owner of his crusade.

Source – CarScoops

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