Making contact with the new Suzuki Positioned, how the king of the price-quality ratio?

Was just put to sale in our country the new Suzuki Positioned. Though the denomination is absent for a few years, during the 90’s enjoyed great splendour in our borders. This utility manufactured by Suzuki in India is a different proposition in a B-segment dominated by european brands with an iron fist. The Suzuki is Positioned is a very interesting alternative to the well-known Opel Corsa, Renault Clio, SEAT Ibiza and Peugeot 208. It is more, I would say that is one of the kings of the price-quality relationship. You only need to be known, and for this reason we have made this test.

What is the Suzuki Positioned? What about the Suzuki Swift?

The Suzuki is Positioned will be offered only in bodywork of five doors, and will not be sold in our market with diesel engines.

I also had that question. From the beginning I doubted about your positioning, but the responsible of communication of the brand we were clear. The Suzuki Positioned it is a subcompact B-segment, with 3,99 meters in length. Designed as a head coach for a family. The difference with the Suzuki Swift you are in a more playful, more secondary this last. The Suzuki is Positioned has been designed as a practical tool of transportation, and their main priorities are to make the maximum use of interior and cargo space.


Its design is completely new. The front is the area with the most personality, with a calender curious and a few optical scratched, with LEDs as daytime running lights. Its wheel arches are bulky, and in direct it gives the impression that their wheels of 16 inches are a bit small in relation to their profile. Behind is perhaps the most anodyne of this utility, that although not risk in design, nor polarizes their buyers. Is a car purchase extremely rational. What will be your Achilles ‘ heel?

The Suzuki is Positioned in the stands for the trunk of the increased capacity of the B-segment, with 355 liters of maximum volume.

Because on paper, and if we take into account only interior space, Suzuki assures us that is a leader in its segment. To begin with, your trunk has a whopping 355 litre capacity. Is the trunk larger B-segment, and is larger than the car as a BMW 1-Series. Has a double bottom that lifts the load surface for better access, and his capacity 320 litres in its upper point. A trunk cavernous, to which only the Skoda Fabia and the Hyundai i20 will be coming up in terms of volume of cargo.

prueba-suzuki-baleno-2016-9-mdm interior dimensions are also leaders in the segment with respect to its competition. It is considerably bigger than their competitors and surprised that an adult can travel with comfort in their rear, without limitations, longitudinal or vertical space. The passenger compartment is not known for its design: it is sober and functional until the end. It is built entirely in hard plastics of good settings, although some details will notice that you have spared too many rupees: the trim of the trunk or the doors are improvable.

Suzuki has not been too imaginative with the interior design of the new is Positioned.

Your instrumentation has a display in full color and very good reading, as well as a few small gádgets: meter G-forces, power and torque available in real-time or an on-board computer very detailed – in the version of GLX. Thanks are also to have a water temperature gauge, an indicator that many manufacturers already consider superfluous. Yes you are missing a spare wheel complete. On their versions and equipment I shall speak a little later. Now is the time to get behind the wheel of this utility.


At the wheel of the new Suzuki is Positioned in the

Suzuki Positioned is put up for sale with a range of engines exclusively of gasoline. The engine access is a 1.2 atmospheric Dualjet 90 HP, followed by a curious version mild-hybrid based on the same engine, with the same power output for the heat engine, assisted by a small electric motor. The cap range is new engine 1.0 BoosterJet. I put myself in the first place to his steering wheel. It is a three-cylinder supercharged by turbo, with a maximum power of 111 BHP and a maximum torque of 170 Nm available between 2,000 rpm and 3,500 rpm.

The response of the engine 1.0 BoosterJet, even at low speed, surprising for its power of 111 BHP.

At idle the engine is very quiet, at least from inside the cabin, of very fine vibrations. I tried It with the manual gearbox of 5 relations, and the surprise of the instant, and blunt its response. On paper, it makes the 0 to 100 km/h in 11,0 seconds, and your weight in running order is only 905 kilograms in the manual version. A feather-weight, made possible thanks to a completely new platform, intensive in the use of high-strength steel. With the engine 1.2, your weight starts in only 865 pounds.


I’m Not surprised that the car feels light, and change of direction with a graceful weightlessness. Suzuki has always been very good up to the point their cars, and while it is a car-oriented to comfort, is reasonably fun on a road of curves, with a direction that offers a smooth feel and rolling of the body content. The route of tests ended with a consumption of around 6 l/100 km, without mimo or touch with the right pedal. After a meal sumptuous, it was time to return to Madrid, trying another engine.

The engine 1.0 BoosterJet does not have a system Stop & Start, not even optionally.

The interesting Suzuki Positioned 1.2 SHV. Its engine is 1.2 Dualjet atmospheric petrol develops 90 HP and is supported by a small electric motor 3.7 HP. It draws its energy from a lithium-ion battery and 0.36 kWh capacity, is located under the driver’s seat. The assistance of the electric motor is only noticeable at the start of the march, and it is where it contributes to relieve the average consumption of the car – approval average spend of 4.2 l/100 km 4,0 l/100 km with respect to the motor 1.2 a maximum power of 90 HP.

prueba-suzuki-baleno-2016-27-mdmIs a system semihíbrido, that is to say, you can’t operate on 100% electric. As a curious detail, is a change car manual. So far, only the Honda CRZ and the Honda Insight first generation have enjoyed a hybrid train with a manual gearbox. the weight of The hybrid system is very small, only 13,2 kg extra with respect to the maximum power. The advantage is that it is approved as hybrid, which brings significant advantages, for example, in the fares at the time of park in Madrid.

To equality of equipment, the Positioned 1.2 SHV is 300 euros cheaper than the 1.0 BoosterJet. Is the hybrid-cheapest in the market.

With this engine, we obtained a mean of 4.9 l/100 km in driving mixed than mixed, but without a gap excessive. did Not appreciate significant differences with the atmospheric, only a higher softness is torn off and a slight – very slight – increase of engine torque by accelerating intensity. Taking into account that the engine is 1.2 Dualjet develops only 120 Nm of torque at 4400 rpm, all help is welcome. In summary, it drives like any other Positioned, but spend a little less, and pay less tax.


Range and prices: 10.905 €

The Suzuki is Positioned is provided with three finishes: GL, GLE, and GLX. The basic finishing includes hands-free Bluetooth, multifunction steering wheel lined in leather, steel wheels 15 inches, air conditioning, sensor lights or on-board computer. An envelope very full, the finishing GLE just add some alloy wheels of 16 inches. The finish GLX takes the equipment is Positioned in a status difficult to attain for your competitors. For example, endowing it with adaptive cruise control.

precios-suzuki-baleno-2016Helps emergency braking, a colour display for the on-board computer or a central display in the console, seven-inch diameter, touch, with browser and reverse camera included. The price of Suzuki is Positioned in the boots 10.905 euros for a version 1.2 GL, funded and implemented the Plan PIVE. If we do not finance nor we have the right to plan PIVE, its price is 12.655 euros. By applying the maximum discount, a Suzuki Positioned top of range with automatic change of six relations is in 15.305 euros.

we Believe that it is a excellent quality-price ratio, taking into account its equipment is abundant and concentrated of interior space.