Maldonado: “I have the talent enough to beat Hamilton”


Photo: Lotus

Mika Hakkinen talked about how likely that is Pastor Maldonado to have accidents. According to the champion, the Lotus does not seem to learn from their mistakes, and considers that if a pilot is repeat offenders should receive harsher punishments. The response of the venezuelan has not been made to wait, and in the words collected by Bild defended: “I’ve driven aggressively throughout my career. If I wear a helmet, then I’m going as fast as you can. And sometimes even more. On some occasions this does commit errors, but to explore the boundaries there are to cross. I’ve always had eggs to go beyond the limit”. Maldonado feels unjustly treated when speaking of accidents: “Other pilots also crash and no one speaks of it after. I’m choco and this is immediately a scandal. Sometimes I think that it is not fair that always me to blame”.

Such is the fame that accompanies the Maracay that there is a website called “Has Maldonado crashed today? (what has crashed today Maldonado?)”, in addition to a twitter account with the name “Did Maldonado crash?”. Pastor highlights his aggressive nature on the asphalt: “Even from my first run in a kart, when I had to use two cushions to sit on because it was very small, I’ve always been a daredevil. I have a bit of a killer on the track. Or I, or none, that was my motto”. However, that character has not prevented him from getting along with other pilots, and answers the question of if you have friends in the paddock: “Probably more than, for example, Lewis Hamilton. I have good friends like Fernando Alonso or Felipe Massa. I even get on very well with Sergio Perez, despite our hard-fought battles on the track over the years”.

speaking of his friends was not the only time that he referred to the current champion. He also regretted not being able to fight with him piloting the same car: “I would like to see the result of a race between Hamilton and I mounted the arrows of silver. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to sit in a winning car, but I think that Mercedes could keep up with the pace of Lewis. I have No doubt that I have enough ambition and fighting spirit. I know I have the talent to beat Hamilton”. It is not the only one who has diminished the merit achieved by the british, because Nigel Mansell was convinced that, at age 62, would equal the three-time with the Mercedes. A criticism of Lewis… and his teammate Rosberg.