Manhart promises us as a BMW M2 450 hp

Just arrived and Manhart already promises us more wood, more spicy for a BMW M2 which is now quite disheveled. For now it is only a hint, a foretaste, but the coach suggests that under the hood of the M2 there is still 80 horses more waiting for us.

Soon we will be able to see materialized this kit potentiation proposes that we already 80 horses more for the M2

BMW M2 has a power of 370 horsepower and a torque of 465 Nm. It is available both with manual transmission as with an automatic gearbox and is 35 kg lighter than a M235i.

Under the name of MH2 450 the trainer offers a program of empowerment for the BMW M2 which includes a new map for the ECU and a new exhaust system out of the block 6 cylinder and 3 litres of cubicaje, supercharged, power 450 horses compared to 370 horses original.

in Addition Manhart proposes to us already, through a first recreation, a number of additives to your body that pass through a new bumper and a new bonnet, as well as a new endowment of tires.

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