Manor changed once more identity


Photo: New logo of Manor Racing.

The team Manor lives in a state of continuous renewal. Used two alignments of pilots different, and two decorations of car different in 2015, was changed to the head of design, head of engineering, head of the team and sports director, made his new headquarters, it has changed biker (will be propeller Mercedes), has recently joined Nikolas Tombazis as chief of the aerodynamics and now has changed its name and its logo. As announced on his Twitter account, with the nick of the new name of the team: will compete in 2016 under the name of Manor Racing.

Delighted to announce MANOR RACING: that’s what we’re here for. Full reveal 22/02/16
— Manor Racing (@ManorRacing) January 19, 2016

With this novelty, Manor Racing has had five different names since I came to Formula 1, in only seven seasons.

Virgin Racing (2010)

In 2010, the Formula 1 lost to Toyota among its teams, but admitted three new teams, among which was the team Manor, which came into the highest category with the name of Virgin Racing. Their colors were black and red, and he was in the front part of the chassis name to Marussia.


Photo: VR-01 2010

Marussia Virgin Racing (2011)

In the same line, which in 2010 continued the following year. Red and black are still the colors, and the team incorporated the name of Marussia, one of its main shareholders.


Photo: MVR-02 2011.

Marussia F1 Team (2012, 2013, 2014)

Marussia Motors became with the team, which was renamed Marussia F1 Team and started to compete under the Russian flag and with a new logo. The car of the next three seasons would be black and red with some details in white.


Photo: MR03 2014

Manor Marussia F1 Team (2015)

Despite the fact that they kept the name of Marussia, who had left the Formula 1, Manor led the resurgence of the team. Adapted the Marussia 2014 to fit the new regulation and, with Ferrari engine, competed in the championship 2015. The black disappeared and the car was red and white first and red, white and blue after, when he joined the team, the sponsor Flex-Box.


Photo: MR03 B 2015 original.


Foto: MR03 B of 2015, with the new decoration.

Manor Racing (2016)

Although present all the details of his new project on February 22, Manor happens to be Manor Racing this year, in which in addition to premieres logo and biker: will power unit from Mercedes and gearbox from Williams. The chassis will be the initial MRT (Manor Racing Team).