Manor. Or how to compete in F1 with 80 million and less than 200 employees


The Formula has always been a discipline elitist and reserved to
the best and wealthiest teams in the automovislimo, something that is
has enhanced drastically in the past few years. The previous
President of the FIA, Max Mosley, he wanted to fight it trying
to apply a limit to the budget, ensuring the new equipment
the possibility of competing with 45 million euros per year
. Under
these premises, three formations modest as Hispania/HRT,
Virgin/Marussia/Manor and Lotus/Caterham opted for the Formula 1,
but the budget ceiling, finally did not prosper and were
trapped in a hole of spending excessive in a climate of crisis
global economic that didn’t help.

Only the current team Manor has managed to survive and, after a 2015
that they were about to disappear, have re-emerged, giving the
feeling of having found the bases on which to grow little by
. Manor currently has the lowest budget of the
category: around 80 million euros, that are very far away
of the more than 100 of its immediate competitors or more than 400
equipment pointers.

Pat Fry, that was one of the strong men of the Ferrari
Stefano Domenicali, and current technical consultant of Manor, ensures that
the team has found the calm, and now seeks to move from the
survival to compete with their rivals. “Takes a lot of time to spend
survive to compete. It affects the entire organization, from the
that we do in the factory -from the wind tunnel at the department
from design, to reliability and the way to the track”


From the Belgian Grand Prix, Manor will feature one of the
pairs of pilots most exciting of the grill thanks to Pascal Wehrlein and Esteban Ocon -both pilots Mercedes, and hopes to be able to
get some point after the achieved by the first of
them in the Grand Prix of Austria. “There is a plan to grow
a reasonable, controlled, but we need to focus on all the
areas. There is a huge task ahead of them, but all the world is
interested (in it). We are still very small, we are
growing very fast, but still we are around 170 people and
our next competitor has more than 500”
, ” says a Pat Fry
you know very well what is a computer pointer of the grill, as
he worked previously at McLaren, in addition to the above-mentioned Ferrari.

Fry ensures that “there is much to do and we just need a plan
sensible to grow the organization,”
. Now it remains to be seen if
for Manor it is possible to increase a budget so modest and with him,
a template that’s as low as the current.