Manor Racing calls for 3.7 million more to give the steering wheel to Haryanto

Rio HaryantoManor many things have changed since the end of the season. The former team Marussia was renamed Manor last year and now have a new logo and name, Manor Racing. Many personalities of the team have gone out and there have been many changes, including the entry of Pat Fry and Nikolas Tombazis, the former Ferrari will reinforce the technical department, and aerodynamics respectivametne.

will Also change to the Ferrari engine for the Mercedes, something that will give you a major push forward. However, where there seems to be changes is in the pilots holders, since it is still unknown who will be flying the two-seater in the season 2016. Are shuffled many names and one of them is the Rio Haryanto. The other still does not know who it can be, but in the next few days there will be news, soon will begin the tests and the season will not be long in coming…

Campos RacingRio Haryanto sounds strong, in fact, the young pilot could make his debut in F1 if you get 3.7 million euros. That is what is missing to complete the 15 million who need sponsorship to be able to be a pilot owner of the computer Manor in 2016. It seems that you have already achieved 11.25 million, so if you get this last push, is very well positioned to be a pilot officer. Their agents don’t stop working to get the funding that you are missing the pilot indonesian.

Haryanto, with 23 years, already has achieved some achievements in GP2. Got 3 victories in 2015 with the Spanish team Campos Racing. And thanks to his talent, it boasts some sponsors prominent as the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Youth and Sport, and the oil company of indonesia Pertamina. With 75% of his sponsorship, he has to get that remaining 25%, to fulfill his dream, and as has been communicated by a spokesman of the government, this week would be crucial to know if you finally will make his debut in F1 or not.