Manor wants to keep Wehrlein and Ocon in 2017


Dave Ryan, the Sporting Director of the Manor, has acknowledged in statements to Autosport that Manor would be glad to keep your couple of pilots in 2017. Mercedes has to decide still what to do with Pascal Wehrlein for its second season. The German rider has no place in the factory team, but neither is expected to go to him in two of the three client computers of the German motorcyclist. Williams seems to have been decided by Valtteri Bottas and Lance Stroll, while Force India has already confirmed Sergio Perez and Nico Hülkenberg. Therefore, the only Manor seems a clear choice for the next year. In the case of Esteban Ocon, it is known that Renault intends to contract for 2017, but you still have to confirm this depending on the performance that the French have on the rest of the season.

For this reason, Ryan makes it clear that it would be good to continue with both drivers. “Pascal Wehrlein is a great guy who has really gotten strong. Esteban has a lot of potential also. Anyone would be delighted to have them, including us”. In any case, it is Mercedes who must decide, but Ryan says that Manor is the perfect team to continue with their training. “If given the right circumstances, we’d love to keep them (in 2017). We are a good match for both at this time, we are a team that is improving and the pilots are learning a lot about the business of Formula 1. So, why not?”.

Manor was on the point of disappearing before the start of the season 2015, but managed to meet the budget and compete with a car outdated, but conveniently updated to comply with the regulations. Now the situation is very different and even have been several developments in the car during this season. “We are a solid team, now we are competitive. So, from our perspective, they have the opportunity to demonstrate how good they are. Both are good fighters. It is his first season, let’s not forget, go out there with the great and are doing a magnificent job”.