Manor will continue to work to improve on your current car


Photo: Manor F1

Manor has ruled out the possibility of abandoning the development of its current car to focus their efforts on the 2017. The team british, despite equipping Mercedes engines and transmission Williams, has not managed to escape from the tail of the grill (Wehrlein and Harianto returned to be the last of the finishers in the Monaco Grand Prix, with two and four laps lost, respectively), but believes that you can still improve your car and to extract from him the maximum match before you devote all your efforts to the next season. This was stated to Autosport director sports, Dave Ryan.

At this time, there is work underway to the car of 2017; I am sure that for all the teams is equal, though ours may not be as remarkable as those of the biggest teams in terms of the percentage of effort. But we are working hard with the car of 2016 because we need to know what it is that we have, and to draw from him all we can for this year. Nobody in the team thinks to make the suitcases and to wait for the next year, that does not leads to any side, and the obligation we have to give our drivers the best car possible.

Ryan said that the MRT05 has been a great step forward for the team. “It’s a great car; in comparison with what we had in the past, is superb, and we can still learn a lot from him”. But, at the same time, he admitted that his main deficit lies in the chassis.

We have the same engine that Mercedes and you can see how fast you are. And Williams, although not shone much in Monaco, they got their first points in some time, but we are in the same position behind them. Otherwise, it is out of the car and of the drivers, and I have to say that ours are doing a really good job and you can’t blame them of anything.